Why NCERT Books are best for Competitive exam

If you are preparing for Competitive Like UPSC, NDA, IAS, SSC, etc. You are always in the confusion that which book should I used to crack UPSC, NDA, IAS, SSC, etc. Today I will tell why NCERT Books are best for Competitive exams. NCERT books cover 80% syllabus of all competitive exam and NCERT books are not costly.  I will give you some reason that will help you to understand the Importance of NCERT Books.

NCERT Book Content

If you read NCERT books. You’ l find that NCERT Books are easy to understand. The other reference book are fulfill of Most Important questions. These reference books contain 400 pages or 500 pages with the most important questions. we can not remember these huge no. of questions. But NCERT books are different they are rich in content and quality not quantity. Here you can understand concepts. There are a lot of problems and questions in NCRT books that you can solve and make your concept strong. The other reference book is full of notes. Students can’t understand the logic behind those laws and concepts. Just they do they the same they start to cram It. NCERT books are written by experts after a long research

Question asked from NCERT

Most of the questions are asked in Competitive from these books. If you want to make your concept strong. You should start with NCERT books. Because they have genuine content and questions. That’s why a lot of questions are asked form these books in competitive exams.

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