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Verb and Tense Mock Test |HSSC | NDA| SSC | Air force X Y group.

Students you’re welcome in Verb and Tenses Mock test. Verb and tenses are very basic topics of English Grammar. A lot of questions asked from the Verb and Tense. So we have created the Verb and tenses mock test you can use this mock test.

General Instructions

No of questions – 15If you want the mock test solution so enter your mail so that we can send the Solution of the mock test to you.
  • Total time to complete – 15 minutes
  • Negative Marking – No
  • Click on submit button and wait till exam submitted.
verb and tenses mock test

Welcome to your Tenses and Verb

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1. Babar…………. Rana at Kanwaha.
2. Ajit and Rekha ………… to the cinema last night.
3. The lion ……………. killed by Anup.
4. By this time tomorrow I_________ home.
5. This road ………… from Sui to Bhiwani.
6. While Sundar ___________ on bed, a snake bit him.
7. I don’t know who ________ her up.
8. Which part of Sentence has error.
Politicians should (a)/ not let the criminal (b)/ activities to grow in our country. (c)/ No error (d)

9. Find which part has an error.
When he came out (a)/ the station, you may buy your ticket and wait (b)/ for the train for Bhiwani. (c)/ No error (d)
10. Find which part has an error.
Taking tea, (a)/ he went to the office (b)/  and disposed of a lot of work. (c)/ No error. (d)
11. She_________ a better job next month.
12. By the July 2020, she ________ in this firm for eleven years.
13. In the given Sentence, Improves the part which is Red if needed.
He asked me whether I will help him.
14. In the given Sentence, Improves the part which is Red if needed.
Why not he is going for this course ?
15. Veena ________ to Hisar next year.

We hoper you like Verb and Tenses mock test. if you want to ask questions about this mock test or you want to contact us. The comment box is open for you. or you can contact us by our mail Stay connected with for further updates.

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