Sets, Relation and Function Mock Test

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Sets Relation and Function

Hello Guy’s You’re Welcome in Set’s Relation and Function Mock Test. 

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  • Types of Sets
  • Sets Operation
  • De-Morgan’s Law
  • Binary Relation on a set
  • Function or Mapping
  • Types of Function

Exam Detail

  • No of Question – 10
  • Total Time – 10 min
  • Negative Marking – No

Welcome to your Set, Relation and Function

1. Given that f : N→N :f(n)= n2+n+1
then, f is

If A and B have n elements in common, then the number of elements of common to (A×B) and (B×A) is:

3. The union of two equivalence relation is:
4. The Range of f(x)= x2/(1+x2)

Which of the following State De-Morgan’s law

6. The Domain of the function is
f(x) =√log(2x-x2)

if A ⊂ B, then (A’∪B’)= ?

8. If A = {1, 2}, B = {2, 3} and C = {3, 4} then what is the Cardinality of (A×B)∩(A×C) ?
9. The Function
f:R → R: f(x)= cos(x) is :-
10. The number of proper subsets of {1, 2, 3}

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