Prepositions Mock test | SSC| CGL | NDA, HSSC, Air force |

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Prepositions Mock Test

Preposition Mock Test
No of questions10
 Total Time 10 minutes
Negative Marking No

Highest Score



Kuma9 out of 10
Anup Kumar7 out of 10

Welcome to your preposition

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1. You put _____ a white shirt whereas your friend put _____a black shirt.
2. I am waiting for you ____ my house.
3. Please lay this book _____ the table.
4. He jumped ______ the well and saved the drowning child.

A stone has turned ____ a statue.


I live ____  the fifth floor____ flat number A-12


The idea didn’t strike ___ my mind.

8. She trust you because ____ you are ingenuous

We are combating _____ difficulties now.

10. We must look up to our elders and never look down____ them.

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