Motion in a Straight line Mock Test

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Motion in a Straight Line

Hello Guy’s You’re Welcome in Motion in a Straight line Mock Test. Check your  knowledge here by giving Motion in a Straight line Mock test. Before Starting the test please Read the Instruction and Exam detail.


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  • Speed, Velocity, Displacement, distance
  • Uniform speed, variable Speed, Average speed and Velocity
  • Acceleration

Exam Detail

  • No of Question – 10
  • Total Time – 10 min
  • Negative Marking – No

Welcome to your Motion in a Straight Line

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1. The angle made by Vector A = 2i+2j+k, with X axis
2. The numerical ratio of average speed to the average velocity is
3. If a unit vector is represented by 0.5i+0.8j+ck then what is the value of C.
4. A car starting from rest has an acceleration of 10m/s². Find the distance travelled by car in 5th sec.
5. Which of the following is a Vector quantity
6. A body can’t have
7. Which one is a Vector Quantity
8. A train is 50m long is moving with a velocity 100km/h. The time it take to cross bridge 2km long is:-
9. The angle b/w two vectors (vector A) = 5i+5j and (vector B) = 5i-5j will be
10. A body travels a distance of 20 meter in 7th second and 24 m in 9th second. How much distance it travel in 15th second.

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