Indian Navy Exam, AA SSR Strategy, Syllabus 2020


Indian Navy has released AA/SSR/ Result those candidates who have applied for Navy AA/SSR/MR they can check there result.

Those candidates who cannot crack or qualify Indian Navy AA/SSR/MR. They have to start their preparation now. You can follow tips just keep reading

First of all you have to understand Indian Navy exam (AA/SSR) Exam syllabus, Exam Pattern, Exam Difficulty.

Indian Navy exam (AA/SSR) exam contains ¼  negative marking. You have to do 100 questions in 60 minutes. So students make mistakes in a hurry. Tricky questions are asked in exam Students got distracted in the same options. Then they mark on the wrong answer. Due to ¼ negative marking the score decreases.

This is the reason that good students can not crack the exam. So just Follow tips to crack the exam.


Exam syllabus Subject wise

So let’s talk about Mathematics. First we talk about the Difficulty level of Mathematics. So Difficulty level is Medium. Most of the questions are asked from 11th mathematics. We know that most of the students are weak in this section.

So let’s talk about how you can crack Indian navy AA/SSR Mathematics. First of all Today is the time of competition in the competitive exams if you want to crack you have to do smart work not hard work. Because most students do hard work but they can’t crack the exam. Because of only hard work. They don’t know which topic is most important and which are not. They spent their most of time on non-important topics. You don’t have to do this. Here is the list of Most Important topics. You have to prepare them.

We hope you check these topics. From these topics most of the questions were asked in the previous year exam. Prepare these topics best as you can.

Now check your weakest topics. Give these topics more time as compared to others. The question arises that which book should I used to crack Navy AA/SSR exam. Most teachers prefer RS Agarwal Book. I also prefer RS Agarwal it is good book for Navy AA/SSR exam

Because not many tough questions are asked. I have already said tricky questions are asked in Navy AA/SSR exam. Keep your concept strong and try to remember important formulas. Most of question are asked from formulas.

Indian Navy Exam Physics

So let’s talk about with Physics difficulty level. In Navy AA/SSR exam level of physics, the difficulty is easy. Mostly simple conceptual questions are asked in Navy AA/SSR exam. So first just prepare Kinematics topics. Kinematics concepts are the most important topics in physics prepare them well and then move forward. If you are weak in physics don’t worry Just try to prepare 11th section of physics and learn important formulas. In 12th section prepare

  • Optics
  • Electrostatics
  • Electric current
  • Magnetic Field

Take a slight touch of other chapters. Don’t waste your time on difficult and unimportant topics in the 12th Physics Section. So the question arises that which book should I used to crack Navy AA/SSR Physics. There are lot of in markets. You can buy Arihant’s books that are best in a competitive exam. So ok let’s move on another part of the exam that is English

Indian Navy Exam English


So here you have read the English Subject Syllabus. So let’s talk about how you can crack Navy AA/SSR English. So first difficulty. Easy questions are asked from English. Question are asked form those topics which you are reading since you were a child. If you are not good at English. Don’t worry you can prepare English in around 2 months. If you regularly read the English subject. Most of the students have fear of the English language. But English is not a tough language. You have to give 2 or three months to English

Indian Navy Exam General Knowledge

  • Important National Fact about India
  • Geography
  • Miscellaneous Facts
  • Indian History
  • Computer Basic Knowledge

Ok our next and last topic is General Knowledge. So let’s talk about the difficulty level. The difficulty level is medium. Because Non-Medical students are not good in General Knowledge. So that’s why no difficult questions are asked in Navy AA/SSR General Knowledge. But these questions became a problem for these students who are not good in General knowledge. So if you want to clear the Navy AA/SSR Exam you have to prepare also General knowledge.

So how you can prepare General Knowledge. First of all try to learn

  • Important facts about India and some about the world.
  • Prepare History
  • Prepare Geography
  • Prepare Miscellaneous Fact
  • Prepare Some Important Full forms


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