How to solve combination in 10 Second

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Hello guy’s you’re welcome in our new post. Today I will show you you can solve combinations in 10 seconds. We usually took a lot of time in solving combination. But it can solve in just 10 or more seconds depends upon the question and your calculation. So let’s discuss how it can be done.


Combination if there are (n different) things out of r things have to be selected.

   nCr =  n!/r! (n-r)!

So let’s move on to the shortrick. Shortrick is “ You have to factories n up to r and then divide by r ” Don’t understand not worry let’s see an example

Q-1 Solve 10C4 :-

So let’s see how i solve this sum by short trick. Please give some concentration here.

I will write factorial of 10 to 4 and divide it by 4 factorial

10×9×8×7/4! = 10×9×8×7/24 = 210

That’s simple Let’s see some more examples. That will clarify you.

Q-2 Solve:- 15C2 =   15×14/2! = 105                              


Welcome to your Combination Tricks

Try to solve this by Combination trick:-10C3
Q-  Try to solve these by Combinations Trick :- 16C
Q-  Find which of the following is the solution of the given :- nC2  
Try to solve this one2nC3

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