Friday Night Bites

☆ Friday Night Bites È Chloe Neill - Friday Night Bites, Friday Night Bites Vampires in Chicago You d think a headline like that would have made the fine citizens of the Windy City to take up arms against us bloodsucking fiends Instead ten months later we re enjoying celebr ☆ Friday Night Bites È Chloe Neill - Friday Night Bites, Friday Night Bites Vampires in Chicago You d think a headline like that would have made the fine citizens of the Windy City to take up arms against us bloodsucking fiends Instead ten months later we re enjoying celebr

  • Title: Friday Night Bites
  • Author: Chloe Neill
  • ISBN: 9780575094055
  • Page: 422
  • Format: Paperback
Friday Night Bites

☆ Friday Night Bites È Chloe Neill, Friday Night Bites, Chloe Neill, Friday Night Bites Vampires in Chicago You d think a headline like that would have made the fine citizens of the Windy City to take up arms against us bloodsucking fiends Instead ten months later we re enjoying celebrity status and fending off the paparazzi who are only slightly less dangerous than angry stake wielding slayers ☆ Friday Night Bites È Chloe Neill - Friday Night Bites, Friday Night Bites Vampires in Chicago You d think a headline like that would have made the fine citizens of the Windy City to take up arms against us bloodsucking fiends Instead ten months later we re enjoying celebr

  • ☆ Friday Night Bites È Chloe Neill
    422 Chloe Neill
Friday Night Bites

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    Chloe Neill is the New York Times bestselling author of the Chicagoland Vampires Novels, the Devil s Isle Novels, and a YA series, the Dark Elite Chloe was born and raised in the South, but now makes her home in the Midwest When she s not writing, she bakes, works, and scours the Internet for good recipes and great graphic design Chloe also maintains her sanity by spending time with her boys her husband and their dogs, Baxter and Scout.Connect with Chloe at chloeneill.

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  • 2.5 StarsAfter reading Some Girls Bite, which I really enjoyed and thought was a great debut, Friday Night Bites is a bit of a disappointment I was hoping to see the characters grow a lot , relationships moved to the next level, action Instead I got a rather lack lustre tale.Merit has moved into the Cadogan House and is reluctant to leave her best friend and roommate Mallory, not to mention having to be in close proximity to Ethan Sullivan, her vampire master and maker, who she loathes and lust [...]

  • This is not a good thing Re read 29.01.2018Ah man, I struggled a little bit with this re read I mean, I just to love it, and now I m just liking it enough to finish it I really hope this doesn t continue throughout my re read of this series I m gonna be pissed if this is the case, as this used to be one of my favorite seriesThe characters Caroline Merit Mer Merit becomes vampire at 27, but is 28 in years , Sentinel of the Cadogan House Ethan Liege Darth Sullivan Sullivan 394, though became a vam [...]

  • Footsteps, and then he was next to me, his body behind mine, his lips at the spot of skin just below my ear I could feel the warmth of his breath against my neck The smell of him clean, soapy, almost discomfortingly familiar As much as the want of it disturbed me, I wanted to sink back against him, let him envelop me.Part of that, I knew, was vampire genetics, the fact that he d changed me, some kind of evolutionary connection between Master and vampire.But part of it was much, much simpler Meri [...]

  • Still a good read Just not as dynamic as the first book, imo It felt a bit like a stepping stone to the next book I m not sure how I feel about the whole Morgan thing I think Merit is getting crapped on all the time, by all her friends and family Everyone expects so much from her, and she doesn t really have anyone to watch her back for her I m hoping that will change in forthcoming books I listened to the audio of this book and the narrator is perfection for me.

  • Let me begin by saying that I was late getting into this book but when I did, let just say it held me captive and I did not want to go The second book in the Chicagoland vampire series is just a wickedly awesome as the first Welcome to Friday Night Bites, and we all reserve Fridays for eating out.So Merit is back and kicking a , a newly turned vampire her life just went from scholarly to fangtastic After being attacked while walking home from her school campus she was saved by the change of vamp [...]

  • Merit was attacked by a master vampire in Some Girls Bite, and to save her life she was turned into a vampire Since then, she s tried to figure out how to live as a vampire instead of a human, and as a warrior instead of a grad student This is a terrible book The author seems to think that if she just describes her main character as a fan of the Cubs and lots of junk food, Merit will be a well rounded, relatable character Sadly, she doesn t put any effort into making Merit s decisions make sense [...]

  • Awkwardness, thy name is vampire After Some Girls Bites introduced me to Merrit and her world, I was a little let down with this one.Merit has settled down in her new world without much issue embracing her new vampire state although there s some confusing bumps in there , aligning the new life with her old one including problems with her best friend, being a bit unfair to the current guy dating her, still flirting but resisting Ethan, juggling family issues with her father and trying to schmooze [...]

  • She wasn t nearly as frustrating this time around, but that didn t mean I didn t call her stupid multiple times, but at least I liked this one enough to continue the series, and am interested to know what happens next Full review to come

  • But before you alienate everyone who cares about you, Mallory or Morgan or whoever, remember who you were before this happened, before you were changed Try to find some balance Try to find a place in your life for the things that mattered before he changed you Merit is still struggling with her vampire, who feels apart from her, which is not the way it should be But she s too afraid to mention it to anyone, too afraid of the consequences So she s constantly battling against her vampire side, try [...]

  • 2.5First thought where is the rest of the book I push myself to finish this book because I included it in a challenge.It s you Ethan, the fault And Merit for be so speshul that from a lit scholar suddenly is a kickass flamante martial art specialist just because she is a vampire.No me gusta que Ethan considere tan de mal gusto que una mujer prefiera estar en la biblioteca y usar zapatillas deportivas, que usar el vestidito negro y hacer cosas m s encachadas Que desgracia sinsentido.Y no me trago [...]

  • I feel the same about this book as I did the first in the series If you liked Buffy, are looking for something totally from familiar UF Romance territory, and are ok with the slightly YA ish tone VAMPIRE DORM ANYONE , you will like this book My patience with the whole setup was so and I enjoyed it than the first one for some reason Most people, judging on reviews, felt opposite, so I dunno.SPOILER I really got confused with the whole Morgan thing I thought Merit was super not sympathetic the wa [...]

  • I enjoyed Some Girls Bite, which was a great debut in Chloe Neill s Chicagoland Vampires Series and I was looking forward to Merit s next adventure.I am not sure if I am totally into this series Friday Night Bites was a bit of a disappointment for me.Nothing exciting or new happening here it s once again The House of Cadogan is betrayed by one of their ownMerit continues to irritate me to no end so many times I wanted to tell her grow up The relationship between Ethan Sullivan Merit doesn t seem [...]

  • I m still tremendously happy I made this re read Here goes my second review.The book picks up right where book 1 ended In this installment we get to know Merit and some other characters better.The writing style of the author is amazing The plot is even better I love how Chloe Neill gets to mix the old vampire world with modern times It seems so real That s what I like the most about this series Even though they are vampires, they look totally normal and the interactions between them are really o [...]

  • This was so, so, so, SO GOOD So good I LOVED IT.The layers of love I have are so intricate and complex, like this fine specimen of a book There was action, intensity, political intrigue between the supernaturals, growth, Ethan and Merit and cut the tension with a knife sexuality WOW I love Merit She is the model image of the perfect, strong female heroine She is brave and intelligent, loyal and giving, emotional and reserved I m enjoying this series so much partly because of her, largely b [...]

  • 4 starsI read this book like a maniac I neglected my studies oops , held my breath, and just read But I can t really pinpoint any particularly amazing moments, besides the ending Holy moly, those last 10% were explosive As far as relationships are concerned, Merit s got a lot on her plate.She s got a horny, magic ridden best friend occupying her flat with her beau None other than Catcher Bell, Merit s ruthless physical coach Can you see how that particular intersection could be troublesome Besid [...]

  • I m totally addicted to this series Cheesy Maybe, but I don t give a s t Too many people with bright, blue eyes Definitely Sexy vampires Check And a sense of fun I m sold I m so ecstatic that I got the three books in the series from the hold list at the library around the same time I m just a little worried how long I ll have to wait once I finish the third one tomorrow To those of my friends that are wondering what the heck this series is about, here you go A grad student from an extremely weal [...]

  • 4.5 Merit s a badass stars I must warn you that this review will be the expression of my feelings towards the book and especially the characters development, because, hey, that s difficult to review several books from the same series in a raw You know, I said, biting into an onion ring, I feel like things would go a lot smoother for you if you d just admit that I m always right As I said in my review of Some girls bite, there is something which truly and profoundly appeals to me in these books [...]

  • 3.75 blink Wait a second You can t just leave off there Mid mysterious message That s not fair Harrumph Friday Night Bites began on rocky ground At first, it lacked the flow that made Some Girls Bite stand apart from the crowd Neill seemed to be trying too hard to recap the events of the first book She also put way too much focus on staging the scene, giving so many minute details that the movie in my head kept grinding to a halt Gradually, I stopped noticing the overabundance of details and bec [...]

  • Book 2 in the Chicagoland series finds new vampire, Merit, embracing her immortality and moving into Cadogan House with her fellow vamps, including enigmatic House Leader, Ethan Sullivan, in order to connect with her kind, and fully take on the role of house Sentinel.She is continuing to learn about her new world, a world in which humans are still coming to terms with the existence of vampires, but when a threat is received from within the rich circle of Chicago s elite the circle that Merits fa [...]

  • I can t help it I just really love these books, and I love Merit, and I hate Ethan but at the same time he s absolutely and completely delicious and I need and basically all the characters are perfect.

  • Review to come, bitches On a personal note cat ceiling fan squirt gun Not for the faint of heart but could be made into an Olympic sport.

  • Freaking cliffhanger I want to get my hands on Twice Bitten now How can you end it like that This book was great I was furiously reading it as quickly as I could to solve some of the mysteries and ended up reading it all in a day What really shone in this book though were the relationships their rises, falls, crash and burns in some cases.Merit is a really great heroine She s totally relate able while still supernaturally out of reach She has family problems, friend problems, boy problems everyt [...]

  • I m typically an apologist, but I just find it funny that now every guy seems to be infatuated with Merit Hmm.

  • Friday Night Bites is the second of many Chicagoland Vampires books, each featuring strong willed Merit, the newest vampire in town.For a 28yo former PhD candidate in old english literature or something, Merit has quite the adjustment to make as a kick ass vampire heroine At 11 hours, 45 minutes in length, book 2 gives us lots of opportunities to participate in Merit s adjustment Unfortunately, much of the book kind of plods along as Merit and her Sire, Ethan, investigate an alleged threat to va [...]

  • These books are fun Just like the perfect summer vacation light, easy, fun, hunky men, beautiful water and sand everywhere okay, maybe not exactly like it, but fun oh yeah, isn t summer the best What Oh, yeah, the review thingy So, Merit is a new vampire and she has had an eventful beginning.My first few weeks as a vampire had been inordinately busy Like The Young and the Restless , but with slightly dead people.This time, there is a reporter who is looking to expose the vampires as blood suckin [...]

  • 4.5 stars pretty damn close to 5 The second addition to Chloe Neill s Chicagoland Vampire Series picks up where the first left off and it s recommended you read the first before diving into this one Merit is still learning to adjust to her new status as a vampire but as Sentinel to Cadogan House News that vampires are conducting raves where humans are practically slaughtered causes Merit to have to become reacquainted with her family members in order to act as a buffer between vampires and human [...]

  • Rating 4 1 2 starsWhere do I start There were some unexpected changes in store for Merit Things started off sparkly and shiny, and got interesting Not in a bad way, just in a changes, extra extra sauce kind of way.In this run I do like Ethan Morgan less and less Lindsey and Mallory less Joshua Merit .ightly The Breckinridge the verdict is still out.However,Nick Breckenridge is on my hit list.Otherwise, spoiler alert I liked that Merit let her inner vampire loose Not that she has a choice, sn [...]

  • A definite 5 STARS FROM ME So Merit has now moved out and Catcher moves in MALLORY IS ONE LUCKY GIRL Merit moves into Cadogan House to fulfill her role as Sentinel, which she does very well.Again in this book we get the great relationship between Merit Mallory, Mallory is just so BRILLIANT and I love their friendship.The sexual tension between Merit Ethan is sizzling and The Library scene had my tongue hanging outside my mouth, my heart pumping and obviously a knicker change was involved In fact [...]

  • I ve enjoyed this book very much Chole Neil writes UF drama, emphasis on relationships and politics, and she does so with great wit and care for her characters The relationships are intense, which I like, the dialogues are sharp and often funny, and the world she created sucks you right in.I ve especially enjoyed Ethan development as a character, and his relationship with Merit.Chole Neil does have a tendency to overwhelm the reader with details It was very hard for me at first, but I got used t [...]

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