Look Away Silence

[PDF] Look Away Silence | by Ï Edward C. Patterson - Look Away Silence, Look Away Silence Martin Powers wanted an ironing board for Christmas Instead he got Matthew Kieler a non returnable gift but a gift that kept on giving Chance encounters are sometimes the ones that most change our [PDF] Look Away Silence | by Ï Edward C. Patterson - Look Away Silence, Look Away Silence Martin Powers wanted an ironing board for Christmas Instead he got Matthew Kieler a non returnable gift but a gift that kept on giving Chance encounters are sometimes the ones that most change our

  • Title: Look Away Silence
  • Author: Edward C. Patterson
  • ISBN: 9781448651924
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
Look Away Silence

[PDF] Look Away Silence | by Ï Edward C. Patterson, Look Away Silence, Edward C. Patterson, Look Away Silence Martin Powers wanted an ironing board for Christmas Instead he got Matthew Kieler a non returnable gift but a gift that kept on giving Chance encounters are sometimes the ones that most change our lives He sold Matt a tie but got in the bargain than most people would want and than anyone deserved Although these lovers may not have had the pinMartin Powers wanted an ironing bo [PDF] Look Away Silence | by Ï Edward C. Patterson - Look Away Silence, Look Away Silence Martin Powers wanted an ironing board for Christmas Instead he got Matthew Kieler a non returnable gift but a gift that kept on giving Chance encounters are sometimes the ones that most change our

  • [PDF] Look Away Silence | by Ï Edward C. Patterson
    401Edward C. Patterson
Look Away Silence

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    Edward C Patterson has been writing novels, short fiction, poetry and drama his entire life, always seeking the emotional core of any story he tells With his eighth novel, The Jade Owl, he combines an imaginative touch with his life long devotion to China and its history He has earned an MA in Chinese History from Brooklyn College with further post graduate work at Columbia University A native of Brooklyn, NY, he has spent four decades as a soldier in the corporate world gaining insight into the human condition He won the 1999 New Jersey Minority Achievement Award for his work in corporate diversity Blending world travel experiences with a passion for story telling, his adventures continue as he works to permeate his reader s souls from an indelible wellspring.Published Novels by Edward C Patterson include No Irish Need Apply, Bobby s Trace, Cutting the Cheese, Surviving an American Gulag and Turning Idolater Poetry includes The Closet Clandestine a queer steps out and Come, Wewoka and Diary of Medicine Flower.From my mind to your imagination .

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  • This is an intensely emotional story about a young couple that falls in love, only to face the AIDS crisis instead of matching pink rockers on the porch At a time when the government was refusing to acknowledge the crisis and the immortality of youth cast a protective pall over young gay men, this couple must cope with a horrible disease and the ramifications within their family and larger community A very intensely moving story that packs an incredible punch, the last half left me crying all th [...]

  • This is the most powerfully poignant book I ve ever read and I doubt I ll be able to read it again But it s a book that needs to be read, it s a story that needs to be remembered It brings into focus a period in history that many were just spectators for, and lets us witness two men falling in love and letting go It s about love and loss and what comes after This book had been recommended to me and I was warned that I d need my tissues handy I had no idea how powerfully I would be moved The auth [...]

  • How can you love something that hurts so much I don t know, but I do Maybe it s because I met Martin and Matt The characters grabbed me from the very first page, then I grew to love them dearly, and they will stay with me for a long time to come It s a beautifully written, but oh, so VERY heartbreaking story It s definitely going on my keeper shelf.

  • Look Away Silence A Beautifully Written NovelRating 5 of 5, TMBOA RecommendedAuthor Edward C PattersonAvailable Paperback, Kindle Every Christmas, Martin Powers found love Unfortunately, it rarely lasted beyond New Years day That is, until he met Matthew Kieler a southern transplant, complete with cowboy hat, drawl, and enchanting blue eyes Theirs was a love that transcended the moment and as time marched on, their love grew deeper and deeper and Martin realized he d found the love he d always l [...]

  • I m not sure if I can put my feelings into words is book was beautiful, funny, hopeful, tearful, heartbreaking my stomach hurt through at least half the book my eyes hurt because I have cried so much The Author writes with such realism, it felt like I was reading a memoir I m angry I m angry that it took so long for our government to acknowledge this pandemic I m angry that the drug companies have so much control I m angry that the insurance companies turned their backs I m angry that this disea [...]

  • I m not rating the book, because I d feel really bad giving any book about the battle against HIV only 2 stars Sadly I just didn t like it a whole lot, however that doesn t mean it isn t an important book It is an important book Very moving and tragic, and covers an important part of the history of human rights Made me cry an incredible amount at the end.

  • I read this book last year and it is still one of my favorite reads I didn t know what the story was about when I purchased it I was honestly worried when introduced to Martin Powers At first glance, I thought he was a one dimensional character HOWEVER.once Matthew Kieler enters the picture, you can t stop yourself from being pulled into the story I cried like a baby reading this I mean, how could you not view spoiler Just reading about how Matthew slowly dies was killing me hide spoiler What is [...]

  • Powerful This is a beautiful, emotional, moving tribute to those who died of AIDS during the 80 s, the early years when our country looked away from the men and their families who suffered from this incurable disorder When I first started reading the story of Martin, a funny, happy go lucky gay man in New Jersey who got most of his pleasure from warbling with the NJ Sparrows, a gay singing group, I wasn t sure if I was going to like it I didn t see then that the author was setting me up to see t [...]

  • A surprisingly good read.While I m not really into books of such topics, it was a nice change of pace.It brought something new into my knowledge HIV and AIDS Oh yes, I ve heard about it enough before, but never really knew how this condition affected people It was eye opening in that sense I sort of admired Viv, the main character s mom She has a very interesting personality The main character Martin too Funny how he would refer himself as a girl I don t know any gay people in real life well, no [...]

  • Extremely powerful read Because I saw the word AIDS in a review on , I ultimately new how it would end, and it was, of course devastating Having not lost anyone personally to AIDS, I still can t imagine how it was back in the day for these men This is a wonderfully well written book about love and death, which we all, inevitably face doesn t mean it isn t hard to read I typically read all books than once but I m not sure I can read this one again Not because it wasn t excellent, but because it [...]

  • This is an amazing story It s difficult to say something about books like this Words like I like it or it s great feel kinda wrong, because of the dramatic subject of the story I ll just say this is a book that made me cry, because Matt and Martin are such lovable characters and their love for each other is so strong that I just wanted them to be happy, but that is not always possible for them But in good and bad times, they are there for each other and their love never waver I think the author [...]

  • Curiously engaging, this book Shifts of character and of tone mark the progress as much as events, so themes are less presented to the reader than they grow on one I couldn t begin to write anything objective about Look Away Silence however, because it mirrored my own life during that time so closely I was a southern boy in Maine, then, not New Jersey but Edward Patterson caught the feel of that joyful and horrific time Is it a difficult read Perhaps, depending on your experience, it is Not beca [...]

  • In all honesty, after reading the blurb for this book I thought it was about an orphan being taken in by a single bloke sort of Maeve Bincheish Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the story of two gay men and the AIDS epidemic when it first burst upon the scene in the States I won t tell you about the plot line as that last sentence says it all What I will say is that it s not a worthy story as one would think, but a story full of wit and humor liberally laced with tear jerking emotion [...]

  • Excellent book, but it was very hard for me to even finish I realized halfway through what was going to happen and i didn t want it to Made me realize just how lucky I am to have made it through being a teenager in the 80 s, doing some of the stupid stuff I did, not to have gotten HIV or something else, unlike my friend Mark I applaude you, Edward, for a very eye opening book, however hard it was for me to read.

  • I bought this novel with a lot of doubt I had already read part of the sample and knew where it was going I lost friends during the plague years and cried enough tears Did I really want to read about it But I wanted to know what happened to Martin Powers Edward Patterson did a marvelous job of making the reader like this vulnerable young man, so I had to read it.Look Away Silence is the story of Martin Powers who works at the men s wear counter of a large New Jersey department store He s a bit f [...]

  • I wasI was his Pumpkin Matt he was shy with a good heart, and he loved Martin.Martin he was a bold one A child of Christmas He wanted house hold appliances as gifts This story takes place during the AIDS epidemic When the President Of the United States wouldn t say the word AIDS The tells us of our Government letting so many people die with out helping them Martin, and Matt met at Martin s work place when Martin sold Matt a ugly tie The story was well written The characters was strong This was a [...]

  • Keep tissues handy when you read this beautiful love story that takes place in the early days of HIV AIDS I wept many times.Edward C Patterson s Look Away Silence is a story about many kinds of love besides the romance between Matt and Martin it is about loving communities and families, and volunteers who take on the difficult duties in order to provide respite to caregivers It is about people who find strength during crises that they believe will take them down people who are phenomenally coura [...]

  • I agree with every 5 star review this was an outstanding story The love between Martin Matt was sweet beautiful it reminded me of the snow that Matt loved so much Martin s progression from self centered, mindless unbrave to devoted caregiver to reluctant activist was so well done Also, a very accurate portrayal of the tragic time when so many were basically ignored to death.The 1st portion of the book was a bit slower but at a certain point, it started moving like a bullet The editing issues wer [...]

  • There is nothing I can say about this book that hasn t already been saidI m lost, I can t find the words to describe this book It s something you need to read to understand.Tissue by your side is a must

  • I reread this book for a challenge for World Aids Day This book slays me still I can not stop crying Martin and Matthew are still my all time favorite characters There are no words to express how much I love this story Edward Patterson is brilliant.

  • This book ripped my heart out, stomped on it and left it quivering in the dust But it was done so masterfully Mr Patterson has the ability to create characters that come to life, change and grow before our eyes.

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