Fateful Italian Passion

↠ Fateful Italian Passion å Olga Goa - Fateful Italian Passion , Fateful Italian Passion Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood She didn t know anything about her biological parents and now lived just for her Aunt Henrietta Veronica finished her penultimate fourth year in ↠ Fateful Italian Passion å Olga Goa - Fateful Italian Passion , Fateful Italian Passion Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood She didn t know anything about her biological parents and now lived just for her Aunt Henrietta Veronica finished her penultimate fourth year in

  • Title: Fateful Italian Passion
  • Author: Olga Goa
  • ISBN: 9781370109036541623434334075413340754114822782503340754120033407541201633407541334075411482278250334075413340754133340754188271302792088938533407541333407541882713359449500095333407541334075413340754103340754133340754101525354555303250053340754160003340754133407541334075413785489037854890151542004137854890200378548903785489037854890151542004137854890378548904378548908827131196390691663503785489043785489088271369573021674364378548903785489037854890037854890437854890015253545553032500537854890600037854890378548903785489037650385376503851513909021376503852003765038518201737650385376503851513909021376503853765038553765038588271391856355095860376503855376503858827136654533888185333537650385376503853765038503765038553765038501525354555303250053765038560003765038537650385376503854018788040187880152692023740187880200401878800745652018401878804018788015269202374018788040187880640187880882713589665001310106654018788064018788088271318789133276396886401878804018788040187880040187880640187880015253545553032500540187880600040187880401878804018788054162343
  • Page: 176
  • Format: ebook
Fateful Italian Passion

↠ Fateful Italian Passion å Olga Goa, Fateful Italian Passion , Olga Goa, Fateful Italian Passion Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood She didn t know anything about her biological parents and now lived just for her Aunt Henrietta Veronica finished her penultimate fourth year in her university and wanted to escape from her so called friends who insult her constantly because of her lineage Henriettadecided to gift Veronica a trip to Italy to give h Ve ↠ Fateful Italian Passion å Olga Goa - Fateful Italian Passion , Fateful Italian Passion Veronica was adopted by her aunt in her early childhood She didn t know anything about her biological parents and now lived just for her Aunt Henrietta Veronica finished her penultimate fourth year in

  • ↠ Fateful Italian Passion å Olga Goa
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Fateful Italian Passion

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    Olga Goa Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fateful Italian Passion book, this is one of the most wanted Olga Goa author readers around the world.

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  • This was one of the best books I have read, so full of passion, desire and love Show that love can save someone, how ones love can over ride any obstacles in their way Well written and the author has put her heart and soul into it It is a must read Loved it.Heather Teston

  • You don t just read Olga s novels you live them.Author Olga Goa writes beautiful and brilliantly crafted erotic dark romance novels.Fateful Italian Passion, Part 1 of her series is one such story.For Milano and Veronica, I feel there is no better way to describe their journey and love story than withthe lyrics of Only You by Sinead O Connor Your love has opened up a world I ve never known All hope was found, a place I never dreamed I would go Feels like only yesterday I had locked my h You don t [...]

  • Olga s Fateful Italian Passion is a rollercoaster of a novel It s got dark elements, suspense, and a lot of romance What I loved most about this book was the depth and complexity of the male and female leads, Milano and Veronica MilanicaThe story does justice to the title and the premise, providing loads of passion and drama that is sure to keep romance lovers turning the page Also, I very much enjoyed the vivid descriptions of locations in Italy and Rome, it felt like I was there The setti Olga [...]

  • Olga GOA is a masterful writer who creates worlds which you wish would never end, and Fateful Italian Passion is truly one of the most beautiful books I have ever read There is this undeniable chemistry between Milano and Veronica which translates through every page, and their relationship is rocky at times but so passionate Beautifully written, wonderfully developed, and one of those books you don t forget A story of love and lust which is unpredictable, and reflects life in its rawest for Olga [...]

  • When I first read this book I was intrigued by that this books hold everything that I need Passion, desire, pain, secrets everything And it was a hell of a ride I sometimes got overloaded with passion and pain that I forgot that I was reading a book I feel every pain of Milano and Veronica had gone through and I feel their love how they fallen for each other.It was unique It is the book which needed to read if someone wants to believe in love and fallen in love I loved it to the c When I first r [...]

  • I love this book This is so unique from what I have written before.It has so many styles suspense, romance, phylosophy and psychologyGreat.

  • Love this book A great mix of dark and suspense romance I sympathize to any of the heroes, specially Milano and Veronica because they never had love.Love Milano and Veronica even sometimes they make me pissing off D but they give me so many emotions that I cannot stop to think about them.Would love to read sequel and many volumes if Olga Goa will write Yay

  • Well, I can say that if a reader get used to read cliche story, he must to rewatch his tastes about that Because Fateful Italian Passion is a book where you can find different themes of Dark Romance genre and this story far from annoyed cliche books I like how this author shows different worlds of two characters and make us suffer, or be happy for them, angry She makes us laugh and cry She takes out all emotions from readers I can say, it is kind of a cruel thing, but I can understand the Well, [...]

  • This book couldnt be described by words I cannot find any to show how I enjoyed this story Milano and Veronica like two wings that could not be separated because this is impossible Doesn t matter how much times they run from each other they always come back Why Because they love I know and see in my life people who deny love because it hurts So Veronica and Milano also deny love but anyway they realize that cannot leave without each other.Beautiful and sensual story And sex here like a b This bo [...]

  • An absolutely amazing book Enthralling It will take you to so many different places with emotions that make you soar with love and so much passion Or crashing down with anger and furious rages But love always conquer all doesn t it This book is unlike any other I have read not the typical romance twists and turns that make you wonder and keeps you on your toes, keeps you intrigued A book you just can t put down

  • Words fall short when I come to praise this wonderful piece of art Fateful Italian Passion by Olga Goa You don t read the book, you live with the characters, the events and the emotions they experience throughout The author hasn t failed to bring forward the essence of reality with a touch of creativity and originality Hope we can read such treasured piece of writing from Olga Goa Fabulous work, keep it up

  • Fateful Italian passion is one of the best books I have read in a long time It doesn t follow stereotypes and for that it s easy to sink into reading So many books can be cliche but with all the twists and great storylines, I would recommend this book to anyone Kimberley Russell

  • Such a wonderful piece of art.When I started reading it at first, i wasn t interested in it bt as time went on,I found it very intriguing and excited to know and the journey continuedLove it Such a wonderful piece of art.When I started reading it at first, i wasn t interested in it bt as time went on,I found it very intriguing and excited to know and the journey continuedLove it

  • Fateful Italian Passion is one of the books that people need to read deeply, not like some easy romantic story that only shows the sweetness, sugar and perfect life of two lovers FIP is a realistic story, FIP doesn t show you idealistic view about love and passion because any hyper emotion can be really dangerous for a person When you cannot control it, you stop to think rationally and you flop.Milano and Veronica are people who confused with passion and love, starting to live in their hearts, F [...]

  • I really liked this book I first read it on Radish and I was really imersed in it The way author had described every single deatails is really admirable I hope we can get of her amazing works in near future.

  • This book is amazing Olga Goa has incredible writing talent Her novel is so descriptive and actually made me believe I was a part of the story, I was right there feeling every emotion and riding through every twist and turn Her descriptive writing made me feel like I was standing in all the Italian cities described in the book as she captures every detail of the landmarks I have never experienced this in a book before Fateful Italian Passion is a dark romance novel and centers on Veronica an Thi [...]

  • This is the most relishing book I ve ever read It is beautifully written andhas a solid plot full of twists and turns The most unique thing of this book is that it has originality The emotions and feelings of the characters have been portrayed amazingly Be sure to read it It s worth a read If you are looking for some story with dark romance dealing with practical issues and how to solve them, this is the best book to read The script of this book is very descriptive and sensual It would m This is [...]

  • This story is the brilliant I cannot get enough of Milanica These two crazy people can blow your mind, fantasy and heart.When I started to read FIP at first time I thought that Milano is really a badass, but anyway he deserves Veronica and her purity Rereading it 2,3 times I started to understood what made him like that It was not his fault People made Milano like that, as he is now And people shouldn t judge any person until they get in same position as characters were I am really furio This st [...]

  • Just super.I only can share 5 main positive things that I discovered for myself in this book.At first, I love the style of writing.At second, I love heroes even they are so complicated and not perfect as all we are.Third, I would like to read about Milano and Veronica because their story makes me read it all the time Fourth, I am against any quarrels under this book I can imagine that someday could appear some people who could tell that this is so bad that Veronica stayed with such bipola Just s [...]

  • Love this book.I suppose it s not for all because it is non cliche and problems that this book describes far from dumb stories without any plot and just sex And this is not for people who see the life only in rose coloured glasses So I wouldn t advise this book to people with fragile soul and heart This book cruel and suspense as life itself and I like how it shows the real relationships.I love how Milano and Veronica reach out and how they want to be loved by each other.This is really heartb Lo [...]

  • Just love this book I cannot explain so many details why but just can say this book taught me something important, like how I have to be attentive to my soulmate and see what bothers him.Yes, it s quite of different and not cliche book that I usually read, but anyway I gave this story a chance to be noticed.Milano and Veronica as complicated as their own love But I have a hope they could live with each other, forgiving own mistakes and lacks.I am waiting for FIP sequel with impatience

  • Fantastic Too emotional Hot Blowminded Masterpiece Dark AndClifhangered 5 stars THANK YOU to the author

  • Title Fateful Italian PassionAuthor Olga GOAAuthor Website OlgaGoa.weeblyRating 5 STARSA sexy and fun read LM Book StudioGenre Dark Romance, Bad Boy Romance, RomanceNovel Released Aug 2017Fateful Italian Passion starts off with Veronica taking a trip to Italy Very quickly Veronica encounters another tourist, Timothy, who develops romantic feelings for her on the spot Veronica and Timothy tour Italy, but they become separated Veronica soon is lost and runs into the dreamy dark h Title Fateful Ita [...]

  • Milano and Veronica are one of the real characters that you can meet when walking the streets I really was impressed how the author showed the weakness and strength in both of them, it was really emotional Even 3 POV didn t spoil it I like to feel with Milano and Veronica and understand their mistakes or victories It s like you live with your friends and learn from them a lot of things that wouldn t make mistakes in the future.I advise all Dark Romance s readers to check this book Because i Mila [...]

  • 5 from 5 stars Love it.Love it.Love it.This book is a some of fresh air nowdays I cannot stop to think how this author could create such story This is beyond my mind I have no words Milano and Veronica are familiar to us, similar with us, they are like mirrors of all of us bad and good, kind and cruel, attentive and indifferent, passionate and cold, loved and hateful So many colours, so many emotions in this book THANK YOU With all my support and kindness to my close person.All the best

  • Don t feel sorry for this orphan, she knows what she wants and how to get it Then out of nowhere Veronica, Henrietta, Timothy, Clara and Ricardo lives intertwine suck you into their world not letting you out until you truly fall in love with each of them READ this book as soon as possible Olda has a new book so don t disturb me while I fall into the newest work of art.

  • I had read this book in Russian and I recommend it to read to everyone It is unique novel About man and woman who have their not perfect characters as everyone About their trying to learn how to love The real feelings

  • One word fits this book UNIQUE I read a lot of books but I didn t read books like FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION This is great book, far from cliches and far from style that mostly writers use in literature today This story full of tension between two lovers, jealousy, and of course, love This is will be wrong to say that they don t love each other Maybe now they don t understand and realize that, but I suppose when time comes, they will see it We all do mistakes, but we are glad to fix it And One word [...]

  • Sei Bellissima Perfetto The story of people who believe in love I really recommend to all who like to read about characters who have lacks, and also virtues This story soaked with laugh, tears and passion I really can say that it is a great story It teaches so many things how to not give up, how to be brave and follow own heart, and how need to be careful if you want to connect your life with another person, if he is a really had trauma in youth Not all people can react on betrayal normal Sei Be [...]

  • This story opened two people lives It s hard not to sympathize them they both didn t know parents love, they both were searching for love but did they find it This is the main question of this book.I love Milano and Veronica, doesn t matter they are both so different but they are real, like all of us, who constantly quarrel and want to beat each other for something that they don t know what This is stupid to quarrel if you love, right I think people must decide the questions together, not This s [...]

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