Chosen by the Badman

[PDF] Chosen by the Badman | by ↠ Hayley Faiman - Chosen by the Badman, Chosen by the Badman February Konstantin Skumin has never wanted to sign on the dotted line for a woman of his choosing While it is the Bratva way it s a tradition he refuses to practice A badman with desires both da [PDF] Chosen by the Badman | by ↠ Hayley Faiman - Chosen by the Badman, Chosen by the Badman February Konstantin Skumin has never wanted to sign on the dotted line for a woman of his choosing While it is the Bratva way it s a tradition he refuses to practice A badman with desires both da

  • Title: Chosen by the Badman
  • Author: Hayley Faiman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: None
Chosen by the Badman

[PDF] Chosen by the Badman | by ↠ Hayley Faiman, Chosen by the Badman, Hayley Faiman, Chosen by the Badman February Konstantin Skumin has never wanted to sign on the dotted line for a woman of his choosing While it is the Bratva way it s a tradition he refuses to practice A badman with desires both dark and relentless he is the opposite of gentle Even so it cannot be denied that he harbors dreams of romantic notions he will not willingly compromise Kiska Barysheva hasFebruar [PDF] Chosen by the Badman | by ↠ Hayley Faiman - Chosen by the Badman, Chosen by the Badman February Konstantin Skumin has never wanted to sign on the dotted line for a woman of his choosing While it is the Bratva way it s a tradition he refuses to practice A badman with desires both da

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  • [PDF] Chosen by the Badman | by ↠ Hayley Faiman
    469 Hayley Faiman
Chosen by the Badman

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632 thoughts on “Chosen by the Badman

  • I m going to keep this quite simple.I loved this book Talk about passion to the T This was my brain the entire time I was reading whereas my face was doing this On a serious note, Chosen by the Badman is Hot, Passionate and the characters are badass in their own terms.I loved Kiska for her will and determination to fulfill her dreams I loved her strength and dedication and her ability to love unconditionally Konstatin is broody, stubborn, loyal, dark and an alpha male through and through.Kiska i [...]

  • I m beyond ecstatic Konstantin has his story He s been so loyal throughout this series and he deserved his own slice of happiness.CBTB is a good story My only complaint is there could have been story of the actual story I feel like the extensive sex scene over shadowed the overall story Don t get it wrong The sex scenes are important I know it plays an important part overall However, I believe balance is important In this story the sex scenes outweighed everything at 70% of the story With that [...]

  • I don t know who all are these people who gave this book 5 star rating and what kind of lonely life they lead No offense For a smut, its average and for my inner feminist Judge for yourself You re bringing me to help your fuck buddy she screeches My grip on the steering wheel tightens, and I know that if I weren t driving my kneejerk reaction would be to backhand her imagine you are out with your boyfriend and you criticize him his knee jerk reaction is to backhand you I am no prude I love me fa [...]

  • Really liked it Great story also the chemistry between Kiska and Kon is great I was just a little bit disappointed that the couples from the other books where hardly mentioned Also I just can not believe that Kirell would choose someone like Akim

  • This was a fantastic book to kind of wrap up the original Bratva series Its not done, there is a spin off and to come We have seen Konstatin in several books but even though he is a Brigadier in the Bratva and in his 30s, he hadn t found the right woman to marry yet Kiska is the now grown up daughter of Krill and Tatyana Dancing for the Badman Book 3 of the Russian Bratva series and has been contracted to marry another Brigadier in the Bratva, but first she s moving to NYC to pursue dancing for [...]

  • 6 KON HAS BEWITCHED AND BEWILDERED ME STARS Hayley has done it yet again taken me on this delicious, intriguing, captivating, Journey, This book was POTENT, PASSIONATE, and has UNEQUIVOCALLY CLAIMED me BODY and SOUL This Hot as hell latest BADMAN The characters, the development the intensity the writing was PURE PERFECTION I was immersed and HIGHLY INTOXICATED, This book was MASTERFUL This STORY was so COMPELLING, KON is everything sexy, wicked, Kinky, Protective and so PANTY SOAKING HOT His con [...]

  • Be prepared for when you start Chosen by the Badman, you will not want to eat or sleep till you finish the last page I was excited to read the latest installment of Hayley Faiman Russian Bratva series because finally we were getting Konstantin s story In previous books, he was deadly, intense but seemed to be a little warmer and sensitive to the women of the Bratva Little did I know he would fall for Kiska, the daughter of the powerful Kirill In this book, he is still deadly and intense but sho [...]

  • Hayley has taken me so deep into this Russian Bratva world I love every Badman she has created, and Konstantin is no exception Konstantin is amazing He is flawed, and has an ass side, but overall he is a great guy This dark, brooding man longs for someone to share his life with But he doesn t want to go about it in the traditional Bratva way I love how strong and confident Kiska is for being so young and having Kirill as a father She is full of spit and fire Despite having her life planned for h [...]

  • i869otobucket albums abChosen by the Badman was a great 5 star read.I was so excited to read this final book in the series, especially since we get to read about Krill and Tatyana s daughter Kiska has been contracted to marry a Brigadier and she s not happy about it However she does get to pursue her dream of dancing for three years before her big day.Konstantin has been trying to find a bride but has had no luck When he is asked to watch over Kiska he is immediately drawn to her These two have [...]

  • Kiska Barysheva has been contracted to man she has no desire to marry, but been given three years to dance in New York before she has to get married In New York, she s to be guarded by Konstantin Skumin, who is a man that she feels an instant connection to, but she s not free to pursue anything Konstantin has never found a woman of his choosing that he s wanted to sign anything for, because somewhere deep down, he wants to find a woman who truly loves him, not what he can give her, so the whole [...]

  • I really enjoyed Chosen by the badman this can be read as a standalone but I suggest that you read the whole Russian Bratva series , I m a huge fan of Hayley Faiman she has written some of my most favorite books if she is new for you you really need to one click all of her work Kiska and Konstantin had so much chemistry the sexual tension was off the charts from the first meeting they knew there was something there but were on a time limit so their relationship was a bit forbidden but oh so stea [...]

  • I have an amazing husband, but I want a Russian Chosen by the Badman was one book journey that I won t soon forget First off, as a ballerina myself, I was hooked by the storyline Hayley Faiman nailed the terms, positions and life of a ballerina, so she did her homework or she is a ballerina herself The fact that she knew every detail speaks volumes Kiska is a badass heroine, who can stand on her own dainty feet She knows what she wants and she won t stop until she gets it I loved her innocence a [...]

  • Featured on indiewishlist.weeblyI love this series I have only read the last couple ones, but I want And that s a testament to how these books can be read as standalones They are fast, fun reads with hints or mass amounts of danger, full of alpha males and all kinds of women Last book I read, the woman was kind of meek However, Kiska, the female protagonist in this book, had a lot of backbone She knew what she wanted, and the earth could burn for all she cared as long as got what she wanted whi [...]

  • And Hayley Faiman has done it again, another amazing story, another amazing couple Chosen by the Badman was amazing This story had me crying, laughing, and swooning I loved it so much.If you have read Dancing for the Badman then you will know who Kishka is, she was someone who I really wanted to read about when I finished DFTB, and this story was perfect for her Kishka is someone who doesn t want the life her father thinks is normal if you remember Kirill is a very hard headed man So when his d [...]

  • This was my first read by this author and I enjoyed it, alot I know this book is part of a series, but had no problems understanding main and secondary characters As a matter of fact I forgot it was part of the Russian Bratva series and felt as though I were reading a standalone The chemistry between Kon and Kiska was off the charts hot I enjoyed getting to know them both and didn t feel the age difference was a problem Kiska is very mature for her age and had no problem handling herself or Kon [...]

  • I love mafia romances and Hayley Faiman writes great ones In Chosen by the Badman, Kiska is a true Mafia daughter Even though she is contacted to marry a man she doesn t love, or can even stand for that matter, she is determined to go through with it That is, as long as she can have three years of freedom to pursue her dream of dancing in New York Her father agrees as long as she has a bodyguard to keep her save the whole time.Mafia member Konstantin has been getting pressure from his boss to se [...]

  • Finally Konstantin got his book If you are like me and have read this book from the beginning, you know we have been waiting for it to happen I have loved this series so much and while it is ending, there is a spin off coming so that lessens the loss of some of my favorite Bratva men and the women who own them Now let s face it these men can be major assholes at times, like you want to shoot them in the balls for how they act but I just can t help but love them anyway The women can seem weak but [...]

  • I have read all 9 of the Bratva books and every single one of them I say is my favorite but this one is my absolute favorite I think Konstantin has been a staple in all the previous books He was always the one that I felt sorry for I don t know why but I did I would read all the previews for the books and kinda felt sorry he never had his story told In walks Kiska, the daughter of Kirill Being the daughter of a Pakhan she is to be contracted to a Bratva man But her fianc her father chose for her [...]

  • I read all the books in this series, and I loved them all However, Chosen by the Badman has to be, hands down, THE BEST This was such a perfect conclusion to Kiska s story line I felt like I knew this girl since she was itty bitty, and here she is now, all grown up and so ballsy I loved her hard Who knew she had all that in her And Konstantin ended up being her perfect match I loved everything about their love story The way they fought, the way they made up, the way they stood up to each other a [...]

  • ellie s 0.02 The Russians are coming The Russians are coming Technically they are already here.Hayley brings another rule breaking, provocative tale to the table Full of skeezy characters that s a real word, look it up , sexy characters, dangerous characters and well no normal characters.There was a Hang the DJ feel to this one for those of you who watch Black Mirror These two characters had a time limit to their scandalous affair So it s packed full of sex, I mean duh, they have a time limit to [...]

  • Hayley has delivered a book that I was absolutely addicted to from the beginning I haven t read many in this series and each time I do I kick myself for not reading them all yet These Bratva men I tell you have me absolutely hooked This book had so much in it that I just couldn t put it down You have the arranged marriage to a truly vile man, lust, sadness, angst, confusion, heartbreak, suspense, mystery, action, betrayal, secrets and so much Hayley truly delivered with this one and I as on the [...]

  • FIVE STARS I adore Hayley Faiman s writting Every book is well written and different than the o e before it even if the same background conflict is involved and she never leaves an issue from a previous book unresolved The Badman series is one of my favorite mafia bravta books and Chosen by the Badman was just as exceptional as the rest of the Badmen series Konstantin and Kiska might be my favorite badman couple now The age differnec was hot, the ballet descriptions were well researched ballerin [...]

  • HAYLEY FAIMANSHE OUTDID HERSELF This book was everything and My absolute favorite of the series Konny is my new book bf He is hot, dangerous, filthy af, and down right delicious Kiska was an absolute amazing leading lady I loved the angst that was there between Konny and Kirill, the love that both of them had for Kiska and the lengths they were each willing to go to for her protection were moving I loved having all the other men in the book as well I forgot how much I loved Max swoon I am a hug [...]

  • Chosen by the Badman follows Kiska, an up and coming ballerina and daughter of a Pakhan of the Russian Bratva She is contracted to be married in three years time but until then can pursue her dancing career Konstantin is the Bratva soldier assigned to be her guard and keep her out of trouble until she s to be married The two have an instant chemistry and give in to their attraction for each other, creating a dangerous situation for them both This book was a complete page turner with a few unexpe [...]

  • Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author This was the ninth book in this series and my friends I have a lot of catching up to do I was not lost however so yes you can read as a standalone, but I never recommend that I think for us to get the whole feel of our characters and the story we need to read whole series One thing that I appreciated is that when they are around this stage they are boring and just repetitive, and I didn t find myself bored at all, in fact it kept me on my toes I also loved Alpha [...]

  • I loved this book and could put it down Chosen by the badman is the 9th book in the russian Bratva series and sometimes when you get into the later books in the series, they can lose their appeal or the story seems repetitive nope not with this series Each book has been fresh and keeps you wanting and .I am so glad that Kon got his own story finally and let me tell you his was hot and gripping you right off the pages I loved the foreplay and connection with Kon and Kiska even though she was you [...]

  • I received and ARC for this book for an honest review Konny and Kiska I have a book hangover I was really looking forward to this story It was amazing Konny was super alpha, possessive and hot Kiska was strong willed and a great match for Konny Their relationship was raw, gritty and real This book did not disappoint The story line sucked you in I read this book cover to cover in 5 hours As usual Hayley weaves her past characters into her stories so we get an update on how they are doing Can t wa [...]

  • I was swept away by the story and I couldn t put it down I was in the mood for a different story and I got just that if you want to dip your toes into the the world of the Russian Mafia then this book is for you I m not giving anything away but if you want to meet Konstantin and Kiska then you need to read it and find out for yourself 5 Stars

  • Love this BadmanI love this series Konstantin was a dominant alpha male but loved Kiska enough to give her the freedom to make her own choices.They were a loving couple who chose to live by their own rules not the bravata rules I hope this author continues this series Can get enough of those Badmen

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