[PDF] Dollars | by × Pepper Winters - Dollars, Dollars I should never have asked for a night with you This would never have happened if I d had willpower Once upon a time I was a mute captive who wished for death Now I m stowed away on a yacht Saved and [PDF] Dollars | by × Pepper Winters - Dollars, Dollars I should never have asked for a night with you This would never have happened if I d had willpower Once upon a time I was a mute captive who wished for death Now I m stowed away on a yacht Saved and

  • Title: Dollars
  • Author: Pepper Winters
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 306
  • Format: None

[PDF] Dollars | by × Pepper Winters, Dollars, Pepper Winters, Dollars I should never have asked for a night with you This would never have happened if I d had willpower Once upon a time I was a mute captive who wished for death Now I m stowed away on a yacht Saved and taken the thief who stole me demands my voice my past my everything I won t give in But Elder refuses to take no for an answer He pushes and cajoles slowly discov I should never have aske [PDF] Dollars | by × Pepper Winters - Dollars, Dollars I should never have asked for a night with you This would never have happened if I d had willpower Once upon a time I was a mute captive who wished for death Now I m stowed away on a yacht Saved and

  • [PDF] Dollars | by × Pepper Winters
    306 Pepper Winters

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    Pepper Winters is a NYT and USA Today International Bestseller She wears many roles Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head The tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters Oh, and sex her books have sex.She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends She s also honoured to wear the IndieReader Badge for being a Top 10 Indie Bestsellers, best BDSM series voted by the SmutClub, and recently signed a two book deal with Grand Central Her books are currently being translated into numerous languages and will be in bookstores in the near future.Her Dark Romance books include Tears of Tess Monsters in the Dark 1 Quintessentially Q Monsters in the Dark 2 Twisted Together Monsters in the Dark 3 Debt Inheritance Indebted 1 Her Grey Romance books include DestroyedUpcoming releases are First Debt Indebted Series 2 Ruin Rule Pure Corruption MC Je Suis a Toi Monsters in the Dark Novella Forbidden Flaws Standalone Erotic Romance To be the first to know of upcoming releases, please join Pepper s Newsletter she promises never to spam or annoy you NEWSLETTER eepurl 120b5Or follow her on her websitepepperwintersShe loves mail of any kind pepperwinters gmailYou can stalk her here Pinterest PepperwintersFacebook Pepper WintersTwitter pepperwintersBlog pepperwinters.wordpress

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  • Dollars, book 2 of 5 Elder Pim s saga continues with revelations, confusion, truths, pain, shockers healing His voice fell dark and low I told you you are worth than pennies, yet you cling to a dollar as if it s the sum of your value Books in Dollar series should be read in order Book 1 PenniesBook 2 DollarsBook 3 HundredsBook 4 ThousandsBook 5 MillionsIn Pennies, book 1 eighteen year old Pimlico Tasmin Blythe, Pim aka Little mouse was stolen and sold to her captor where she was brutalized, rap [...]

  • Pepper Winter never ceases me to amaze me with her talent Her stories are always so well written and so well developed, her characters so intriguing and interesting, her story telling so effortless and fascinating If you are a fan of dark and twisted stories, then you don t want to miss this author s work Trust me on this Dollars , like Pennies , the first installment in the series, kept me at the edge of my seat from begging until the end I couldn t put this book down for one minute, the story [...]

  • Please see of my reviews at bookaddicthavenIf ever there was a time when I knew that I should have waited until the entire series was out before starting, it is now I love all things Pepper Winters, so I am predictably weak when she has a new series out I tell myself to wait, because the anticipation between each book in the series will drive me crazy However, I have no self control and so here I am again As usual, Ms Winters has tied me in knots I am dying to find out what the future holds for [...]

  • I M DEAD INSIDE Pepper, once again you broke my heart into million pieces That end WOW It ruined me I loved it, I hated it My emotions all over the place and now I m dying to read next book So Pepper, hurry up please because,IEDATOKKEFEPENDS.ON Where were you Where were you Where were you

  • Nakedness had been used as a weapon against me To strip me bare to teach me I had nothing of my own no value but the skin I lived in My body was the only thing I would ever call mine, but in that simplicity I found power I never had to suffer ropes or chains made out of silk or velvet Never had to suffocate in elastic or zippers I was free I stopped at this quote and re read it than once and decided this is the best of all quotes i m going to share in this review If Elder expected me to serve h [...]

  • EEP it s LIVE amzn 1t2hTBjiBooks apple 1ROpBTEBarnes Noble bit 1VxvqM7Kobo bit 1XKTYRSGoogle Play bit 24jqbzX bit 22DyeZ8 amzn 1UvlS1W bit 1VxA6lc amzn 1t2kQ57Paperback

  • 3 Stormy Seas StarsFirst I have to say I loved the first book and I mean LOVED it so I think my expectations for this one were just to high I thought the writing was great, for me it was just the content that was lacking I am hoping that this book was a big build up for a much lively third book I am sorry in advance for this insanely chaotic review May contain spoilers The setting for this book was probably what intrigued me the most thats got to tell you something Living on a super yacht would [...]

  • 4.5 Broken and Beautiful Stars He created love but violence at the same time Dollars is the second book in the Dollar Series Pim is back, and she has traded one master for another After escaping the torture and darkness of her captivity, she has found sanctuary in the most unlikely places This second installment in the Dollars Series is a dark and twisted tale with pain, intrigue, and mystery I was alone I was tiny I was no one Live or die the world wouldn t know or care Pim Lico is a mystery [...]

  • 5 ORIGAMI STARS Origami.The art of taking a simple piece of paper or dollar and folding it into something beautiful The dollar has been used, crushed in someone s grasp, it has been shared Passed to different owners, transferred to another s possession It s value is solely based on the numbers marked on the paper A dollar bill is delicate Put into the wrong hands it can be ripped, destroyed, worthless However, when placed in the talented hands of someone with the knowledge and understanding, the [...]

  • TITLE DollarsSERIES Dollar, 2 AUTHOR Pepper Winters CHAPTERS Prologue 42GENRE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCERELEASE DATE November 18th, 2016 DOLLARS This starts right wherePennies Dollar, 1 left off, and is told in Dual Perspectives Pimilico had been stolen and sold into slavery right before her twenty first birthday, two years under the thumb of a sadistic man who nearly killed her over and over again But she has a new master now, the man with the dragon tattoo was her saviour or is he Has she been pulle [...]

  • In Dollars, the plot timeline opens in succession with Pim trying to negotiate her new surroundings away from the white mansion Not knowing whether Pim s circumstance has improved, she is tentative and doesn t know how to react to the demands being made upon her Despite feeling powerless, Pim tries to overcome her past but doesn t know what feelings to trust, as certain trained behaviors have been instilled in her core And if he wasn t like the others, how could I predict what he wanted Pim isn [...]

  • What a fantastic continuation of the series I couldn t stop reading and page after page the plot thickened I want to know that the heck happened to Elder in the past that still haunts him till this day And thank god for the double POV, seriously Sometimes I wasn t impressed with Pim s behaviour but I get what she has to deal with and that simply needs time and a lot of patience I only wished they would do about their insane connection not that they didn t do anything The end The freaking end Th [...]

  • The contradictions in this one Book 1 and 2 could have been combined Just saying He permitted me to clutch him, like he d clutch me, like we d clutch each other.

  • The pace of this story was very relaxed and unhurried, like the author wanted the reader to savor every word written and every clue sprinkled throughout the text that might hint at what to expect for book three Had I read this book immediately after it was released, I may have felt impatient about the tone and direction this story took.Reading this book felt like I was putting on my favorite accessory familiar, comfortable, and very satisfying with a relaxed fit Same as with this story Book one [...]

  • Okay I m at a loss Don t get me wrong Dollars was good, Pepper Winters the writer extraordinaire went above and beyond but can somebody pleaseease explain what the hell just happened Yes remain calm, take deep breaths while we figure this out

  • What if I fall Oh, but my darling, what if you fly Erin HansenThe best feeling in the world is to get lost in a book where you re transplanted, almost if by magic, to a new world A world where you take flight to a new destination Dollars by Pepper Winters was my destination to a delicious dark world, one that danced in my dreams and filled me with an infusion of heartbreak and hope I quickly became lost in Dollars and did not want to be found I devoured Dollars and Dollars devoured me I shut out [...]

  • 5 I LL BE YOUR GENIE, SILENT ONE STARS Unfuckingbelievable Picking up right after Pennies, Pim is tasked with finding who she is again after two years of captivity at the hands of a monster But Elder Is he an even worse of a monster than A Will Pim finally speak This book completely consumed me Fuck I can t wait to see what happens in Hundreds and cannot WAIT to learn about Elder.

  • Holy fuck damn fuck me fuck fuck fuck bye view spoiler you hurt me Where were you two years ago Istg these two fucking sentences will be the motherfucking end of me hide spoiler 4.5 stars.

  • 4.5 starsHero 5 5 Heroine 5 5 Plot Point, Originality 4 5 Writing Style 4 5 Steam 3 5 Romance 4 5 Angst Suspense 3 5 Darkness 3 5 Humor 0 5 Secondary Characters 3 5 Drama Conflict 4 5 Mystery 2 5 Twists 4 5 Pacing Steady Action 4 5

  • Title DollarsAuthor Pepper WintersCategory Dark RomanceSeries or Standalone Part of a series, Book 2POV Dual POVPlot 5 Characters 5 HEA Not tellingHoly guacamole How can I put to words how I feel about this book I can probably say that I am in awe because Pepper Winters outdid herself with this book This is unlike her other dark romances Why Because this is a slow burn We have two perfectly flawed characters that like to push and pull each other, competing each other, trying to outrun each other [...]

  • 5 Talk StarsPepper Winters is a dark romance genius The follow up to Pennies the first book in the Dollar series was everything I had hoped Pim and Elder s story picks up right where book 1 ended giving me a glimpse into the reality of a victim It was real and heavy but also sexy in Ms Winters dark and daring way We got to know about Elder s past and his preoccupation with Pim And we got a real in depth look at Pim s life and her recovery It was fascinating and unputdownable Once I started read [...]

  • I want it out I want it to stop Please, make it stop Dollars picks up right where Pennies left off Kidnapped, sold into sex slavery, and being horribly abused by the cruel master A Pim is kidnapped again In Dollars there is not so much actual going on, but we get to know Elder in depth We get to know about Elder s past, although not the full story Pim still refuses to speak but grows and comfortable and starts non verbal communication As they sail the ocean Elder and Pimlico spend time toge [...]

  • My dear Lord, I m a mess I knew, deep down in my bones, that this book will tear me apart But I never expected such a great emotional roller coaster I was not sure I was ready for it But this anticipation was killing me So, yeah, I was reading this book with everything I had And I ve read it in one sitting.This book is not that kind of book you just leave on your desk knowing you ll read it later Nope, this book must be read constantly When you reach that level where you think you can t bear , P [...]

  • ARC kindly provided by TRSOR promotionsG What was that That ending Jesus Pepper really likes to torture her readers But I still love her She writes the best dark romance CAN T GET BETTER THAN THIS I d say this is one of her best series it will be epic You see, the thing with Pepper s books is that they are unique Like nothing you ve ever read before You can t tell what is going to happen next She keeps you in your toes the whole time I don t want to spoil anything, because there will be five boo [...]

  • Rating I d asked for a night with her because I was fucking attracted to her not to her skinny body and abuse, but to the soul inside Dollars is the continuation to Pennies where Elder saved a bleeding Pim and brought him to what he calls his home, the sea Going in, I am both excited and anxious Excited because I know there will be of Elder and to finally delve into his head But anxious because I don t know how everything will pan out and I have exhausted all avenues of where everything might l [...]

  • 4.5 Stars Pepper Winters continues to stun What a story What an ending OMG I don t know if my heart is strong enough It s astounding On to the next one.

  • Lust Damn rotten lust that I wasn t acquainted with and would never, ever tolerate It was a sick, sick emotion It caused men to buy young girls and break them It turned rationality into insanity It ended the lives of so many ahemHere s the only reason why I gave Dollars one star than Pennies Sexual Tension is a bitch and a half Being the ever so willing reader, let me elaborate We both struggled to breathe, almost as if the world had suddenly dried up of oxygen and we could only survive breathi [...]

  • 4 s So, now we begin the push and pull relationship between Elder and Pim the relationship that has been driving me crazy since I started this series I m on book five as I m writing this review Elder is doing everything he can to help Pimhe has certainly gone above and beyond but he doesn t understand all the reasons why He can t love herhe just wants to have sex with her at least that s his current justification Buthe doesn t want to be like Master A the jerk who bought and abused her so he has [...]

  • The story begins where Pennies ended, Elder true to his word really took care of Pim providing the necessary medical care, with the help of the in house doctor, and giving her food to nourish her frail body after years of abuse Slowly, she s getting better, but Pim still struggling to come to terms that she s free from Alrik and doubting every move of Elder towards her Elder is a patient man, but sometimes he gets frustrated with Pim Talk to me, Pimlico That s the least you owe me for what I ve [...]

  • 4 StarsAhh, where do I begin I guess I need to start from the beginning I struggled and struggled and struggled to connect to Pimlico I struggled because I just couldn t understand her way of thinking and acting and many of the things she did just pissed me off I did, however, connect to Elder His past intrigued me and although Pepper Winters give us little parts of his past I still need to know So that is what kept me reading Halfway through the book, I was thinking of giving up on it because [...]

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