Somewhither Best Download || [John C. Wright] - Somewhither, Somewhither SOMEWHITHER is the first part of A TALE OF THE UNWITHERING REALM a new science fantasy series from the science fiction author John C Wright It is an adventure it is a romance and it is a coming of Somewhither Best Download || [John C. Wright] - Somewhither, Somewhither SOMEWHITHER is the first part of A TALE OF THE UNWITHERING REALM a new science fantasy series from the science fiction author John C Wright It is an adventure it is a romance and it is a coming of

  • Title: Somewhither
  • Author: John C. Wright
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Somewhither Best Download || [John C. Wright], Somewhither, John C. Wright, Somewhither SOMEWHITHER is the first part of A TALE OF THE UNWITHERING REALM a new science fantasy series from the science fiction author John C Wright It is an adventure it is a romance and it is a coming of age story of a young man who is not a man in a world that is only one among many It is a tale of a greater and darker evil with longer reach than anything he could imagineSOMEWHITHER is t Somewhither Best Download || [John C. Wright] - Somewhither, Somewhither SOMEWHITHER is the first part of A TALE OF THE UNWITHERING REALM a new science fantasy series from the science fiction author John C Wright It is an adventure it is a romance and it is a coming of

  • Somewhither Best Download || [John C. Wright]
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    John C Wright John Charles Justin Wright, born 1961 is an American author of science fiction and fantasy novels A Nebula award finalist for the fantasy novel Orphans of Chaos , he was called this fledgling century s most important new SF talent by Publishers Weekly after publication of his debut novel, The Golden Age.

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  • Occasionally while reading a book, there comes a point where I pause, smile and tell myself, This one will be special Sometimes it s a particularly riveting action scene, or it s a clever turn of phrase, or a personally relevant reference Somewhither is full of all three, and they might work for different readers For me, it s found near the start of the book, when Ilya, the protagonist who is not yet the hero, explains why he had made the decision to literally rush headlong into danger It was be [...]

  • It s really impossible for me to be objective about this book Objectively, I know it is not perfect in some parts it drags a bit, and really did we need quite so many grisly descriptions of gore and violence Nobody talks the way these people talk, and tonally it s all over the map.BUT Okay, if you have ever read any John C Wright, you know what his books are like They are crazy and big with ideas and bombast and action and beautiful maidens and larger than the universe spaceships and doughty her [...]

  • I admit to be a total fanboy when it comes to author John C Wright Read and enjoyed all his books including short story collections along with being an admirer of his blog So when a new book of his comes out I buy it on the first day.His newest book is Somewhither A Tale of the Unwithering Realm The opening paragraph from his publisher says SOMEWHITHER is the first part of A TALE OF THE UNWITHERING REALM, a new science fantasy series from science fiction master John C Wright It is an adventure, [...]

  • Utterly mad This what happens when a serious science fiction writer decides that writing pulp fiction would be super fun, and proceeds to make this statement true in the most outrageous way possible Spoilers abound Science fantasy pulp fiction a recipe by John C WrightIngredients1 One Space Princess, or Sea witch, or other poster girl type heroine2 One John Carter type hero More specifically, someone born in a world where no one was forbidden to touch the Tree of Life, so they can t die, even wh [...]

  • This book is pulp fiction of the most outrageous kind As in, it s outrageous even for Wright which is saying something I have been waiting to read this book for three years, ever since Wright revealed on his blog that he was planning a story about heroic Templars battling Harvard Symbologists and including a prayer powered mecha defended by ninja nuns and set in a multi dimensional world and featuring a timeline where the Tower of Babel never fell.Sadly the mecha does not appear in this first in [...]

  • I was pulled into this book because I m a sucker for anything linguistics fiction related and the writing seemed very Heinlein esque Unfortunately, the book didn t pay off the promise I liked the voice , and the flavor of the narrative, but the story and characters fell flat for me The worst bits involved long, long sections of writing that added nothing, didn t engage, and should have been edited out The focus on religion was too much I enjoyed Frankowski s Cross Time Engineer, so religion and [...]

  • As much as The Golden Compass attempts to be a parody of Narnia, Somewhither is a parody of the former So there s this kid of seventeen, who all of a sudden discovers he s got a purpose that involves moving over to another dimension ridden by beasts that seem to have sprung from Lovecraftian universes and slashing his way through a massive structure called the Dark Tower, ruled by magic, which is trying to invade Earth well, our dimension, anyway to the end of saving his beloved, who turns out t [...]

  • A hard to classify book, so let s call it Smartguy SciFi Pulp It is going to get my 2015 Hugo Best Novel nominee last years if I had a vote would have been The Martian.As a quick summary its a first person narrative from an unkillable teenager sets off to save his supposed princess who s actually a siren and the world from a bunch of omniscient beings Unlike much of Mr Wright s stuff, it is not book to make you think about life its simply an enjoyable ride with crazy battle scenes in nearly ever [...]

  • The Kindle sample felt like Heinlein in a way not in the writing style but in the romantic, coming of age elements With a touch of Lovecraft hovering in the background perhaps I was delighted to see I could borrow it free as part of Prime And so off I go, into the wild blue Somewhither.UPDATENow that I m about 25% into the book Wright s imagination really makes me think of Edgar Rice Burrough s Martian books I mean that in a good way.UPDATE 2There is something about Wright s style that makes his [...]

  • Loved the book A while speculative romp that was a great hybrid of sci fi fantasy religion Imagine a setting w parallel universes, but the divergent cause for each universe was the intervention of God Some universes have God intervening at certain points, others don t and from that you get many manifestations of reality, which have snuck into our world as myths Can t wait for the rest of the books in the series.

  • This is ridiculously awesome, and it ends riiight in the middle of the action, therefore earning Mr Wright the eternal enmity of his fans.No, seriously, it s crazy awesome The science fictional premise is, What is everything about reality were totally epic Go Read Now.

  • John is a master in world building, and making interesting characters I love the way good and evil are clearly defined, and how the Catholicism works as a character.When the hero is in his prison I thought it dragged a bit, only after I realized that John had me feeling not only understanding how the hero since in the end he did save the girl how to he immortal is a travesty of life I recommend

  • How many quotes does one book need Listening to the audio Two and a half minutes and still not into the book It s like never ending commercials.One short quote You get one After that it becomes why am I not reading something original In the old days of print media, the author could have a bunch of quotes Easy to skip to the story It is my belief that all that stuff should come after the novel All that should come before the novel is the book name and author name and the words, Chapter one Everyt [...]

  • Dad, how many universes are there After reading the preview of the first chapter on Wright s blog page, I couldn t wait for this book to come out Now, I can t wait for book two.In the first chapter, Ilya goes to his dad with a question that must be answered, expecting the usual brush off response He s one of those dads that seems aloof, non communicative, but demanding of obedience, with high expectations of a top notch highly disciplined fighting machine at the end of a program of rigorous trai [...]

  • Really didn t like it.There are so many problems, but the main is the distressingly thin plot Not only is there not much happening albeit in excruciating detail , but the premise is shockingly simple, much too simple to carry the book So for the majority of the time spent reading I was bored But that boredom had passages of loathing in it, just to make it awful.There is the style, written in a mixture of blade porn where every move is named probably correctly by its Japanese name and a way that [...]

  • Somewhither is one of those classic books that you read quickly, enjoy the action and fast moving prose, and only later realize that the simplistic plots and two dimensional characters had many, many layers behind them Usually right before you are going to sleep for work tomorrow, and you end up not getting enough rest.Somewhither starts as a typical coming of age fantasy with a young man thrust into adventure It turns out he has a unique and mysterious background, falls for the unattainable gir [...]

  • This is an epic fantasy adventure with a pulp feel and strong Roman Catholic themes It is the story of an atypical american teenager suddenly made a Knight Templar and thrust into the insane alternate earth of the Dark Tower in pursuit of his true love The protagonist is a well written, wise cracking hero in the mold of Harry Dresden and is fun to travel along with on the adventure As with the other works of the author I ve read, the world building is incredibly detailed and completely believabl [...]

  • Picked this up because I was hearing about the Dragon Awards and wanted to see what won that Guess I m not that audience It s first person narrative through the eyes of a teenage boy, which I found pretty tedious The monsters and the hell around them were pretty imaginative, but not enough to carry the book for me.

  • What s grosser than gross This storyAs a child, my brother and I used to play a game we called, what s grosser than gross We would try to outdo each other in coming up with disgusting images This book is an interminable game of what s grosser than gross Perhaps it would appeal to a 13 year old boy I really do not see who else could enjoy it On the one hand, it is refreshing to see a protagonist who is a devout, home schooled Catholic boy I liked that a lot His smart alecky mouth, however, starte [...]

  • Day 1 purchase Read it, loved it, then Kindle lent it to my father for some reasonhad to wait for him to finish it to read again Next books by Mr Wright will be day 1 purchases and day 1 additional gifts to the fatherAwesome what if story based on all the what ifs from if the historical divine intervention were different and the potential multi verse earths that might arise Only to be subjugated by the One People who have absorbed and mastered every conquered peoples technology And now their sig [...]

  • I loved the sci fi fantasy take on the Tower of Babel and the Christian elements of this book The book was basically one long chase scene which wore thin in parts At times the dialogue was witty, but it often seemed to try too hardeven teenagers will not remain constantly sarcastic when facing life and death situationsa little levity in the dialogue at appropriate times would have made me roll my eyes less However, overall I immensely enjoyed the radical elements presented by Mr Wright.

  • I just cannot go on with this I really do not like not finishing a book, however this book is not for me I am apparently not a fan of pulp fiction What is difficult here are the repeated action scenes that go on interminably, loaded with incomprehensible fight scenes, bloody and disgusting torture, and unrealistic outcomes The writer did not make me care enough about Ilya to want to read another unrealistic minute of his journey

  • Promising, but the further I read the further it felt like I was reading The Number of the Beast but Heinlein By that I mean an author pulls in his favorite characters and then just walks them through unbelievable plot stories I don t know.lots of interesting things going on, sorta broken by the narrative and stupidness of the characters Leaning towards a 2 star, but I ll give it a barely 3.I just can t quite recommend it.

  • I liked the concept of this book immensely Templars, ninjas, the Black Tower, alternate dimensions awesome stuff.But Wright s writing, always florid, seemed a bit forced in this book, so that was one star off.And then there were the scenes where I checked the cover to see if I d accidentally picked up a Simon R Green book E Horrifically eSo I guess I d recommend it And I definitely plan to read the next one But I still like his Chaos books better.

  • Everything that could happen, can and did happen Condolences, Marmoset, you re out of luck A menagerie of twisted creatures in thrall of astrology obsessed wizards of doom, naturally conspire to give our boy a hard time in his quest to save the delicious Penny Dreadful from a terrible or is it fate There s a tall tower with magnets and everything I love me a good magnet.

  • Won the Dragon award so I thought I d give it a go Holy fucking moly, I cannot believe anyone would nominate this let alone vote for it to win Florid writing, overbearing religiosity DNF.

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