I Will Find You

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ I Will Find You : by Allie K. Adams - I Will Find You, I Will Find You He abducts women who look like her and takes each one as his bride With each disappointment he begins again A young female s mutilated body dressed in Amish clothing is discovered outside the Newfo [PDF] Unlimited ✓ I Will Find You : by Allie K. Adams - I Will Find You, I Will Find You He abducts women who look like her and takes each one as his bride With each disappointment he begins again A young female s mutilated body dressed in Amish clothing is discovered outside the Newfo

  • Title: I Will Find You
  • Author: Allie K. Adams
  • ISBN: 9781311922762
  • Page: 443
  • Format: ebook
I Will Find You

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ I Will Find You : by Allie K. Adams, I Will Find You, Allie K. Adams, I Will Find You He abducts women who look like her and takes each one as his bride With each disappointment he begins again A young female s mutilated body dressed in Amish clothing is discovered outside the Newfoundland religious compound in Billings For Montana SBI Homicide Detective Hannah Grace it s unnerving how she and the victim bear than a strong resemblance She teamsHe abducts women w [PDF] Unlimited ✓ I Will Find You : by Allie K. Adams - I Will Find You, I Will Find You He abducts women who look like her and takes each one as his bride With each disappointment he begins again A young female s mutilated body dressed in Amish clothing is discovered outside the Newfo

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  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ I Will Find You : by Allie K. Adams
    443 Allie K. Adams
I Will Find You

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  • Allie K. Adams

    Allie K. Adams Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I Will Find You book, this is one of the most wanted Allie K. Adams author readers around the world.

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  • I m a HUGE FAN of Allie K Adams and her romantic suspense TREX Series When she told me she was writing a suspense thriller, I knew it would be a winner Even if this genre isn t what you normally read, it s got other elements in it you may enjoy Ms Adams is well known for her sense of humor and this is reflected in this story as well Though it s not a romance, it does have a hint of sexual chemistry and tension between the two main characters Sean Murphy Hannah Grace.The story begins with Hannah [...]

  • I am not a thriller fan, I am completely afraid of things that go bump in the night and when the bad guy is human Its worse for me I loved I Will Find You The books starts offf with a creepy kid, who grows into a creepy adult, Javon love the name Hannah is a good Amish girl who has attracted the notice of a pshychopath Years later Hannah has left the Amish community and is a cop She is partnered with Murph This pairing made the book a 5 star read You can see the connection between Muprh and Grac [...]

  • Ohh so twisted Right off the bat we are in a sick individuals head Javen is part of an Amish community who has just returned from being shunned He suffers from a God complex and has set his sights on a young girl named Hannah Both Hannah and her father inform him he is delusional and there will be no marriage After that the story jumps to 10 years later to show that Hannah has left the Amish community and joined the English world as a SBI Homicide Detective The confirmed death of her dog and the [...]

  • My Review I WILL FIND YOU This is one awesome story and as i read it i got chills Allie K Adams is one of the best writers i have ever read this story about Hannah is a Homicide cop ,who grew up as Amish and then stepped out of the Amish life for reason you will have to buy the book and read it for yourself to find out you won t be disappointed Trust me you can t go wrong buying this one.The other character in this book is Sean Murph Murphy who is Hannah partner and a womanizer and is a great Ho [...]

  • I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Review contains spoilers, read at your own risk.Hannah and her partner Sean are working on a case trying to find a killer that has a pattern that makes her blood run cold She escaped him 10 years ago, and he s still waiting to claim her She s the only one that can stop him.We rewind back 10 years I must compliment Allie K Adams, the way she writes is phenomenal It actually felt like I could see through the eyes of the one watching J [...]

  • Are you looking for a novel that will have you on the edge of your seat and biting your nails then trust me grab this thriller and suspense I Will Find you is one non stop suspense packed novel that follows the life of an Amish women who leaves everything and becomes a Homicide Detective to find out what happened to her father After all this time you would think that the past is left in the past but when murders start turning left and right her and her partner is left to piece the puzzles togeth [...]

  • Hannah Grace loves her simple, Amish life She tends to her garden, takes care of her dog, and longs to be in the fields with her father, her hero Javan King is from a different Amish congregation with different rules Once Hannah and Javan meet face to face, he believes she belongs to him Javan wants to leave their Amish congregations and begin a New Order with Hannah by his side Hannah s father does not approve of Javan, and says it is Hannah s decision whether or not they wed After Hannah says [...]

  • Copy for ReviewSBI Homicide Detective Hannah Grace finds her past life resurfacing after a decade when she left her Amish life to become a police officer Montana is not known for Amish lifestyle but when young female bodies resembling her keep popping up brutally torture and dead and wearing Amish bridal clothing fears of her past surfaces.Ten years of leaving her simple life in fear of her being after her father s disappearance and that of her dog She was basically raped by the guy who wanted t [...]

  • Religion, growing up, conflict, and psychopathologyThis is a reasonably good book, although it lacks reality thank goodness when attempting to tell the tale from the point of view of the psychopathic villain The heroine is a likable character, and the author has put considerable effort into creating her Similarly, the hero has been built fairly carefully Nonetheless, I had difficulty establishing a bond with either character I think that additional details of some of the supporting characters mi [...]

  • Wow Not at all what I expected At the beginning of this book, I had an aha Moment and knew who the killer was going to be about the halfway pointThe author revealed the actual killer.d then proceeded to terrify me Most authors would have ended the book after the revealt Allie K Addams You know that feeling of fight or flight Or maybe the low level terror you experienced at the scariest haunts on Halloween You will hit that level during the second half of this book I never would have pegged a kno [...]

  • Found a new suspense thriller author love InI will Find You we are introduced to Hannah Grace, a girl who grew up in the Amish community, but was forced to leave the simple life behind her She becomes a homicide detective and is paired up w playboy cop Sean Murph Their banter and connection is great I love how the author doesn t focus the story on the will they or won t they hook up She keeps the story focused on them attempting to track down the killer of young girlsyoung girls that start havin [...]

  • First I received this book as an arc for a honest review Whew this book blew me away with the twisted suspect not telling who he is so no spoiler This book was a suspenseful romance and I loved it Hannah grew up Amish and left the life to be a cop, she wanted to find out why her father disappeared when she was 16 Murph is a hot cop who is her partner, he is charming and all the women love him Murph and Hannah catch a case where young blonde blue eyed girls who look like Hannnah are being murdere [...]

  • This was a very fast paced and exciting read I finished it in one sitting and cant wait to read in this series It was really interesting getting all this insight into the Amish and how they live I really like Hannah For growing up among the Amish and then leaving to find out the truth about what happened to her father She s become a very strong willed woman.I adore Murph Even if he is a major playboy I love the banter and protectiveness between him and Hannah They work well together and have an [...]

  • Allie K Adams Murph and Grace novel I Will Find You will keep you on the edge of your seat.Novels about Amish life are plentiful and are all interesting as we are given a glimpse into the every day life of these generally sweet natured people This is not one of those books The villain in this book would be outstandingly evil without the Amish background In Javan, Ms Adams has created one of the most memorable psychopaths I have ever read I hope to read about him in the next book Read it, you wi [...]

  • Hannah grew up Amish and when her father disappeared and no one questioned it she left her only home she knew to live among English world and became a cop in hopes of answers about her father one day When women that look just like her start coming up murdered and dressed in Amish clothes it reminds her of a man that haunts her dreams Her and her partner Murphy are on a long journey of finding the killer and getting justice for all he s done Loved it need book 2 now Lots of great suspense and dar [...]

  • Wow what a well written heart pounding read but i had to keep reading, I could relate to Hannah in some parts of the book with how she was feeling or reacting and it pulled me in wanting to see how she would handle things Murph i didn t know if i wanted to shake him or slap him but i enjoyed his character There were some surprising developments in this book and i look forward to .

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