Marrow's Pit

Free Download Marrow's Pit - by Keith Deininger - Marrow's Pit, Marrow s Pit Built to encompass the entire range of lifeless mountains it had always relentlessly clanked on and on Within vast halls and endless corridors were filled with the sounds of metal on metal with h Free Download Marrow's Pit - by Keith Deininger - Marrow's Pit, Marrow s Pit Built to encompass the entire range of lifeless mountains it had always relentlessly clanked on and on Within vast halls and endless corridors were filled with the sounds of metal on metal with h

  • Title: Marrow's Pit
  • Author: Keith Deininger
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 410
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Marrow's Pit

Free Download Marrow's Pit - by Keith Deininger, Marrow's Pit, Keith Deininger, Marrow s Pit Built to encompass the entire range of lifeless mountains it had always relentlessly clanked on and on Within vast halls and endless corridors were filled with the sounds of metal on metal with hissing steam with squealing gears In the eyes of its citizens it was sacred deified omniscient Enshrined in their mythology for innumerable generations it had gone byBuilt to encompa Free Download Marrow's Pit - by Keith Deininger - Marrow's Pit, Marrow s Pit Built to encompass the entire range of lifeless mountains it had always relentlessly clanked on and on Within vast halls and endless corridors were filled with the sounds of metal on metal with h

  • Free Download Marrow's Pit - by Keith Deininger
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Marrow's Pit

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    Keith Deininger is an award winning dark fiction author His titles include WITHIN, MARROW S PIT and A GAME FOR GODS He is best known for blending elements of fantasy with horror in his surreal, literary style He grew up in the American Southwest and currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wife and daughter KeithDeininger

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  • Ballard lives within the mountain, he works the machine, as do they all, too terrified to leave, to travel on the outside into the maelstrom into the constant storm.Ballard is married to Laura, his own personnel living hell, a woman who walks all over him and constantly reminds him that he s not a real man, that he couldn t give her the children she wanted, scorned and not capable of standing up for himself Best friend Mark who it turns out is anything but, and an accident awaiting him that s go [...]

  • The Machine It has always been there Within its metal walls, there is a working society of sorts Crime is not tolerated here In the rare instances when an individual goes against this rule, sentence is meted out and it is the same whether it be vandal, thief, or murderer view spoiler Ballard is a beaten down man who is married to Laura, a woman with a vicious tongue she uses to berate him every waking hour He struggles to maintain a small sense of dignity but is largely unsuccessful Laura blames [...]

  • This was outstanding, reading like a cross between Edgar Allan Poe s The Tell Tale Heart, Harlan Ellison s I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, and Hugh Howey s Wool Omnibus The only drawback I would note is that it wasn t long enough This could easily be expanded into a series of stories novellas based on the world of the Machine and the Maelstrom Good stuff

  • 4.5 stars The Machine As in Pink Floyd s Welcome to But this is Mr Deininger s Machine and it is unlike any other I m not even going to go into the plot at all, because the book description and a bunch of other reviews already do that I m just going with my impressions of this novella here Science FictionAutomatonsMurderWastefulnessLazinessSpousal AbuseDark FantasiesDeath of imagination and creativitySlaveryEndless BoredomIn my mind, this book was about all of the above and This is the type of [...]

  • Marrow s Pit is an incredible, thought provoking tale that you will not soon forget Ballard is a man whose existence has always been in The Machine a complex network of interconnecting tunnels and sectors The Machine is a deity to the people that reside there they worship it, and spend their entire existence in servitude to it.When Ballard s everyday life is turned upside down by a tragedy, he begins to look at things in another light something definitely NOT encouraged in this society.Keith Dei [...]

  • Now here s something you don t read everyday A horror story masquerading as a dark dystopian fantasy with enough steampunk elements to almost qualify as sci fi In Marrow s Pit Keith Deininger effortlessly describes a future society that is vastly different from our own revolving as it does around a massive machine which provides food, shelter and clothing for its inhabitants, all of whom in turn work on the machine to keep its various parts running And all of this occurs within 75 or so pages, w [...]

  • This novella wasn t bad The author did a nice job rounding out his sympathetic and somewhat pathetic protagonist The story had some interesting twists and turns that made it a decent read.It did feel at times like two story ideas spliced together the conflict and it s resolution between the main character and his wife running alongside the story of the machine It felt part horror, part matrix, and part bizarre It was quick and entertaining I would imagine the author will continue to get better a [...]

  • Marrow s pit tells the tale of Ballard who is stuck in a loveless relationship working on the Machine day in, day out Everyone has their place in the Machine s world and it s one that Ballard is now starting to question He takes drastic action one day and sets himself on a course that will see him question the existence of the society that has been created This novella deals with quite a lot of dark issues, the world that is created is an interesting one but one that was really only touched upon [...]

  • In a very short period of time in this story Keith managed to weave an entire society revolving around The Machine and those who live within its walls and worship it as a deity Beyond the Machine and out into the Maelstrom, there is Marrow s Pit Nobody really knows what it is exactly Ballard is going to find out one way or another A very dark and sublime SF Horror work, from Keith Deininger Definitely an author to keep an eye on 3.5 Stars rounded up on Keith s strong writing view spoiler I am gl [...]

  • Well, it was bound to happen eventually After a solid string of hits, I m sorry to say Marrow s Pit was the first DarkFuse title to miss the mark with me Not so much an issue with Keith Deininger s writing, the problem was definitely one of expectations.The way the cover blurb plays up the Machine and Marrow s Pit, I was really expecting on what they are, where they came from, and what their purpose might be I expected them to be a central force in the novel, but they re really nothing than b [...]

  • I have read all three of Keith s books and enjoyed them all The main character in this story is Ballard who lives in this world called The Machine Where everything is provider for them, food, shelter and etc Outside The Machine is a dead world with Maelstrom, with a constant overcast of grey clouds and storms Just outside this world The Machine is this huge what seems endless hole This is called Marrow s Pit, this is where everything unwanted is disposed of This story is about Ballard s life and [...]

  • Life under the protection of The Machine may not be all it is touted to be Gritty, tension filled, and you just KNOW there is a dark secret being kept by The Machine and those in power When a cheating wife finally, although accidentally gets killed by her husband, his race for freedom takes him beyond the barriers of The Machine Will he find the horrors that he has been taught to believe in, or is there Marrow s Pit by Keith Deininger is a trip through the scrambled maze that is life in a contr [...]

  • Marrow s Pit is another book from DarkFuse s novella series It is a dark 1984 type story taking place in a world where all serve The Machine Their world is an inhospitable one where they exist serving and worshiping a mechanical contraption whose origin is never quite clear Our main protagonist is an unhappy man with doubts and resentment that are only increased by his nagging wife It s a story holding a lot of promise but with a disappointing delivery Ballard, our protagonist, is a hard man not [...]

  • I am in my second year of membership at Darkfuse and novellas like Marrow s Pit are the reason why I joined and am still a member.Central to the story is the machine a world sized mechanism so vast that no one is familiar with than a few sections and so old that its creators, even its purpose, is lost to history The machine provides all that one needs to live, and, to some extent, all of society lives to provide for the machine Marrow s Pit is a hellish central deposit area that takes all disca [...]

  • This is the story of Ballard As long as he can remember, life has been the Machine It provides for them and they serve and worship it Then one day a terrible accident occurs and he must make a perilous journey outside the Machine to the dark and mysterious area known as Marrow s Pit.I started this with the intention of just reading a bit and then coming back to it That didn t happen I devoured the whole novella in one sitting The story belted along without taking a breath until the end The chara [...]

  • Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you DarkFuse I have some problems with this short story Actually a lot of problems But my biggest one is that I m fairly certain this story is a ripoff of another short story, The Machine Stops by E.M Forster Let me just show you what I meanRead the rest of this review at Written Among the Stars

  • This is my first time reading anything by Deininger and it certainly won t be the last While I was a little disappointed that the Machine wasn t the focus of the novella, Deininger s excellent writing style soon made me forget about that and lose myself in the story Recommended

  • hmmm I was disappointed I was hoping for a story about The Machine and Marrow s Pit However this was of a story of spousal abuse centered around the Machine Pit It was OK.

  • Inside the Machine, there is the mind numbing boredom of a day to day life essentially devoted to serving the Machine It sustains and controls human life, serving as protector, dictator, and deity Outside is only the Maelstrom and Marrow s Pit, holding the cast off trash of the Machine and its inhabitants Ballard remembers the one time his father had taken him out of the Machine to show him the outside and to bequeath him a weapon known as a blunderblast When his misery leads him to commit an un [...]

  • This quick read is like a novella or extended short story than a novel The Machine provides work, shelter, and food to the people, protecting them from the harsh environment of the Maelstrom The Machine has few exit points no one leaves and they all lead to Marrow s Pit, where the Machine s waste is deposited Ballard has lived his whole life in the Machine and this story forces him to confront the reality of his deplorable situation after an accident I enjoyed the pace of the story and learning [...]

  • The setting is the draw in this short novella The Machine is a dreary collection of tunnels and sections within a mountain range that has housed a society of people for so long that everybody seems to have accepted their lot in life Everybody except Ballard, whose father briefly introduced him as a child to Marrow s Pit and what may exist beyond The Machine This is a very character driven storyline, The Machine being one of the intriguing characters And one I hope to read about in the future.A [...]

  • Marrow s Pit is the third Keith Deininger work of fiction that I have read This particular read only reinforced the perception that I have about Mr Deininger that he has a wonderfully bizarre and twisted imagination and can produce dynamic tales that you don t frequently encounter at least I don t Marrow s Pit probably falls under the genre of Steampunk, a sub category of fantasy horror that I have not explored or even have an understanding of The story takes place in a post apocalyptic world wh [...]

  • Book Review originally published here iheartreading reviews After thoroughly enjoying the last few DarkFuse novellas I read, I was slightly dissapointed by Marrow s Pit Based on the title and back blurb, you d expect that the Machine plays a major part in the book I was hoping to find out about the Machine, curious to see what it could do, and what its purpose was.Unfortunately the Machine only plays a minor part in the book The largest part of the book is about Ballard, an employee who spends [...]

  • Here is the synopsis of this book Built to encompass the entire range of lifeless mountains, it had always, relentlessly, clanked on and on Within, vast halls and endless corridors were filled with the sounds of metal on metal, with hissing steam, with squealing gears In the eyes of its citizens, it was sacred, deified, omniscient Enshrined in their mythology for innumerable generations, it had gone by countless designations, but its truest name was perhaps its plainest the Machine.For Ballard, [...]

  • i am giving this a 4 star rating because, despite it being gross and creepy and totally NOT my thing, it was compelling and kept me going to the very last paragraphr someone that enjoys this sort of thing, i imagine they would find it very well executedot progression was tight, character development, despite the compressed timeline, was well done and coherent and the world building was interesting and original.ewed in exchange for the Arc, my thanks to the author and publisher for the opportunit [...]

  • ARC for review The Machine is.everything It s the whole world and the entire population is needed to keep it going What s beyond The Machine Anything Very much enjoyed parts of this dark fiction novella Descriptions of The Machine and the Maelstrom were well done and I only wish there had been of that, less standard story of love gone horribly wrong I also wasn t crazy about the ending the ambiguity was fine, and perhaps it needed , rather than the final scene Well written.

  • On a planet cursed with endless storms, a city thrives inside The Machine The Machine is all encompassing The Machine has always been Ballard is a furnace operator inside The Machine Ballard has a marital problem.Deininger has some great ideas with this semi dystopian world He is very descriptive You can taste the grit and feel the pains of the workers But, I thought the story was just okay He got a little atmospheric than I normally appreciate.3 STARS

  • My first Keith Deininger read and certainly not my last I was initially confused as to why this was selected as a DarkFuse selection but as I read further there was no question Shane selected wisely DarkFuse selects novellas and novels that don t fit the mold that are unique and Marrow s Pit is unique Only downside was, in my opinion, the abrupt ending but I ve made my peace with that as well On to Fevered Hills by this same author

  • This novella is set in a dystopian civilization.The protagonist,Ballard,is not happy and satisfied living there and with the life he has.He wants to know what s beyond the limits of it.In this novella,integrated in the Ballard s story are subjects like fanaticism,ignorance diseases that appear when a society doesn t work well.Good and interesting book.Very recommended.

  • Marrow s Pit was a great novella It depicts a dystopian future but doesnt really explain how the characters got there I really enjoyed this book the story was unique to me and was told in a way that really got me thinking about ways our world could change in the next couple hundred years great job Mr Deininger

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