The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1)

The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1) Best Read || [Brian Arthur Levene] - The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1), The Terrorist s Daughters T O G G L E Born in Chicago Illinois three sisters are uprooted and brought to Pakistan after the terrorist attacks on After becoming oppressed and abused by their radicalized father and drug sedated The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1) Best Read || [Brian Arthur Levene] - The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1), The Terrorist s Daughters T O G G L E Born in Chicago Illinois three sisters are uprooted and brought to Pakistan after the terrorist attacks on After becoming oppressed and abused by their radicalized father and drug sedated

  • Title: The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1)
  • Author: Brian Arthur Levene
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Kindle Edition
The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1)

The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1) Best Read || [Brian Arthur Levene], The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1), Brian Arthur Levene, The Terrorist s Daughters T O G G L E Born in Chicago Illinois three sisters are uprooted and brought to Pakistan after the terrorist attacks on After becoming oppressed and abused by their radicalized father and drug sedated mother two of the girls decide to run away from home and soon they discover their inner selves One is a twelve year old blessed with a gift she does not The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1) Best Read || [Brian Arthur Levene] - The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1), The Terrorist s Daughters T O G G L E Born in Chicago Illinois three sisters are uprooted and brought to Pakistan after the terrorist attacks on After becoming oppressed and abused by their radicalized father and drug sedated

  • The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1) Best Read || [Brian Arthur Levene]
    469 Brian Arthur Levene
The Terrorist's Daughters (T.O.G.G.L.E., #1)

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    Thanks for stopping by my page I try to make sure that my books entertain even when writing about true events so hopefully you will enjoy I like nonfiction than fiction but try to write both It all depends on the mood and what s transpiring in my life at that particular time I am a Jamaican born, New York bred writer who has completed six books so far and another that I am currently writing The next book will be out in February 2014 Not Easily Washed Away was my first offering, which details the abuse of a young woman who is very close to me The traumatic events that occurred within her life and my education in psychology moved me to write books which give voice to individuals who have suffered from mild to extreme trauma, detailing how their psyche changes during and after abuse My new book, Real Beast Abused, chronicles the behavior that someone exhibits after they suffered through a crisis or a traumatic event What makes a Real Beast Mental trauma, addictions, and radical fundamental beliefs cause a complex multi dimensional cascade of brain reactions that start immediately after acceptance that can lead to primitive behavior, causing someone to be perceived as a Real Beast.I m pretty sociable and easy to find I m on twitter at B_RealBeast, on Facebook at facebook brian.levene1 and on my website at gullygods I am always interested in meeting new people from around the world so please don t be shy and give me a shout Bio Brian Arthur Levene was born in Kingston, Jamaica, on October 24, 1973 He grew up in Back Bush, one of Kingston s roughest urban ghettos His mother taught kindergarten until leaving Jamaica in 1983 for the United States, leaving Brian and his older sister behind.Two years later, Brian passed his sixth grade exams and earned a place at Jamaica College, one of Kingston s top five high schools In 1988, before he graduated, one of the most powerful hurricanes ever ripped through Jamaica, displacing hundreds of Kingston s citizens, including Brian He reunited with his mother in Mount Vernon, New York, where she lived In the States, Brian s interests shifted from academics to writing poetry and songs, producing music, and playing semi professional golf.In 2001, Brian moved to Palm Beach, Florida, to focus strictly on semi professional golf, traveling to tournaments throughout the United States In 2007, he relocated to Yakima, Washington, after deciding to pursue a career in the health field in order to benefit others After receiving an Associate s Degree in Science at Yakima College, he started school at Washington State University, in January 2008 He transferred to Southern Connecticut State University in August, where he studied public health He started to write his first and second novels in his senior year Graduating in December 2010 with a Bachelor s Degree in Public Health and Epidemiology, Brian published this first novel, Not Easily Washed Away, in April of 2011 while pursuing his Master s Degree in Forensics Psychology Brian s co author is his wife, whose pen name is Anon Beauty and whose life inspired this book.

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  • This book was definitely worth the wait This story of how difficult it is for girls women in some countries make my worries in life seem quite petty The girls in this story show a strength that all women have but, due to their extreme circumstances, it s come out big time This is a must read to show how women aren t meant to be weak little wallflowers in life They re just as, or even stronger in some cases, as men Thw worst thing in this nove lis that I have to wait for the next one to see how t [...]

  • Right off the bat I felt a strong connection to the sisters I was pulled in by the action and intrigue within the first two chapters I felt anger at the mistreatment of these young girls at the hands of their abusive father and drug addicted mother, who does nothing to protect her daughters and in fact helps with the abuse herself, thanks to a branch from the Tamarind tree in the front yard The sisters are both strong in their own way, but Zahra is the one that shines for me She is the youngest [...]

  • Zahra and Aalia are two extremely strong girls Zahra is only twelve in this novel but she is one of the most mature twelve year old girls I have ever read about Unfortunately, this maturity comes from the horrors she has witnessed that, in my opinion, no child should be subjected to These girls take the oppressive and abusive life they have and run from it They demonstrate bravery in the face of fear, but such desperation to escape almost seemed to push them over the edge at times It was sad to [...]

  • The Terrorist s Daughters by Brian Arthur Levene is an intense read The subject matter is strictly adult themes This is the second novel of Levenes that I read that shifts a lot of blame on an Islamic father and to a lesser extent on the mother Both times it was a Pakistani family In this story, the father, Omar, had a poppy farm growing opium and was a terrorist training soldiers, bomb makers and suicide bombers He also banked the organization s illegal money The three girls, Ambriel, Aalia and [...]

  • I started reading this one a few days ago and I have to say I am very happy to say that I love this one It is very well written and if it weren t for the fact that I had a busy weekend I would have finished reading it quickly This is one that I just couldn t stop reading This book is book one in the series and I just can t wait to read the next book.I highly recommend this.

  • This was amazing I felt like I was watching an action movie, that s how good it was Source I received a free copy from the author and the lovely Lisa in exchange for an honest review Thank you guys so much for your patience and understanding.Description The lives of three girls changed dramatically after they were forced to leave Chicago and move to Pakistan Their father became a completely different person in this new habitat and the girls were compelled to endure the terrible acts he committed [...]

  • The Terrorist s Daughters is the first book in a new series by Brian Arthur Levene A fast paced book with an indepth look into terrorism, degradation and what lengths one will go to to achieve security and to do what s humanly right Zahra and Aalia are memorable characters who I really came to like as their story unfolded.They make questionable choices many times but I don t know what I would do in their situations They have been through some unspeakable horrors and yet still, they manage to kee [...]

  • This book is about two sisters, Zahra and Aalia, and their lives in Pakistan They realize that their father is a bad person, but in the beginning of the story they didn t realize how bad.This first book takes them on a wild and cross the world adventure Along the way they meet Arsalan, who goes along for the ride.This book takes you on one adventure after another while the sisters learn about their earlier years They also meet some characters which will tie their story altogether.I really enjoy [...]

  • I couldn t stop turning the page on this one The main characters, Aalia and Zahra, are two young girls determined to escape the abuse and oppression mainly dealt to them by their extremist father, Omar and drug addicted mother Omar is a high ranking officer in Al Qaeda, and therefore has connections worldwide With the help of some friends and family met along the way, these girls end up on a cross continent search for a place where they can be free.The characters were memorable The sisters were [...]

  • Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review Wow This book rocked my world I finished reading it for like 3 hours and amazing, loved it The characters are interesting and I love the uniqueness of each character.My most favorite character is Zahra Even at a young age, she s strong and I love her will to save the people she loved The story, it s good I love how the story evolved Interesting and not boring The ending of the story, I didn t see that one coming Loved the thrill I can t [...]

  • Firstly, I just want to thank Brian Arthur Levene for sending me a copy of The Terrorist s Daughters.Now where do I start I absolutely loved this book From women s rights, to terrorism, to psychology, to drugs Brian weaves an intricate yet fast paced story that left me ripping through the pages.The only bad thing I can say about this book is that I can t carry on reading the series because it s not written yet Come on Brian, I need to find out what happens P

  • I received the book for free through First Reads LOVED IT A real page turner what a story such adventures for these girls.Highly recommend it

  • This was by no means an easy read, yet one I had to finish And yes, I have to read book 2 to know what happens to Aalia, Zahra and their sister Ambriel Girls Emancipated Toggle 2 book show 2.As I ve already stated, this was not an easy read, but a powerful one So commanding that when I had to put it down, I thought about it I felt it Felt the fear and sense of dread that lingered from the terrible abuses the girls suffered, physical, mental and sexual Felt the sense of heaviness that seemed to l [...]

  • 3.5 starsDid I enjoy this book Yes.I love a unique story different characters, new scenes, ideas I haven t seen before It s like taking a vacation to an exotic location I enjoyed the storyline and picked up the book every free chance.The main characters are young girls who take on one of al Queda s top leaders their demonic, abusive father They take us on a wild ride from the depths of terror in Pakistan, through Dubai, Mexico, and beyond The story could have been a five star story I had to knoc [...]

  • First let me say I loved this story It keep me guessing and at the edge of my seat There was also a couple times I wanted to through my kindle Ok now, this is a story about 2sisters Zahra and Aalia These two girls managed to escape the hell they where brought into at the hand of there father and his flunkies They will stop at nothing to stay free and destroy there father even kill Killing was not a choice, it is survival and what they were thought They were born in Chicago Illinois but because o [...]

  • Sorry I really disliked the way this book was written I found it lacked description and emotion and read like a shopping list of events Life s to short to continue reading books you dislike and so sadly it s a DNF at 42%

  • This was a very fast paced story with a few incidents I found hard to believe Guess money can buy you anything and children grow up too fast Did find a number of typing and line errors Interesting read

  • I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.When the PR person from Gully Gods publishing asked me if I would like a copy of The Terrorist s Daughters in exchange for an honest review, my thought process went Hey, that s a nice cover It looks like something from an Isabel Allende novel Maybe this will be a thought provoking story In retrospect, I really should have checked the book out before I said yes.Far from being a thought provoking story about gender politics in the Middle E [...]

  • Zahra and Aalia have been living under their father s roof for far too long, yet they re just teenagers Since they were small, his tyranny in their home and in the world has thundered without a clear end in sight, and they refuse to take it any longer With the advice of their missing sister in mind, the two girls race swiftly away from their father, with a whole terrorist group scouring the Middle East to find them During their adventure, they find out they aren t useless as their father and cul [...]

  • I received this book to give an honest review.This book is part of my PaperbackFriday reading It has been on my review list for a while, so I was glad I was able to get to it.You have young girls who lived a life of terror Their father deals with terrorists and not only that him and his wife abuse their children, to the point that the youngest child is given sleep drugs to make her sleep at night so she doesn t know what is going on With that happening she is being trained though she doesn t kno [...]

  • I received the book from the author for an honest review A touching story about two daughters survival, after they had suffered abuse and torture at the hands of their father A terrorist that was on the FBI s most wanted list Lucifer incarnated, this man did not care what he did to his own flesh and blood Doing all he could to destroy them.Three young girls grew up in a world where violence was part of their everyday life, with an absent mother that has lost the will to stand up for them or hers [...]

  • This book was great It had all the elements that make a good book action, suspense, romance, drama I loved how it was one of those books where you hold your breath for a second or feel something in your gut when you think something crazy is about to happen I really liked the narrator and main character in the book, a little girl who is secretly trained as an assassin by her oldest sister to take down her crazy father who abused her sisters and is an evil Al Queda leader If you like a book with a [...]

  • The Terrorist s Daughters T.O.G.G.L.E 1 by Brian Arthur Levene, a five star read I received a free kindle copy for fair review.This is a horrific story of the torture these girls endured at the hands of their devilish parents It s mind boggling to imagine surprising that they survived it This was a painful story to read but I m glad to have had the opportunity Thank you for a clear presentation of terrible events.To purchase link gp product B00A

  • Surprised I am shocked I liked this book I m only giving it a 3, because of the unbelievable things I couldn t l just let the story take me where it needed to be But saying that, this author has a very vivid imagination Heck, I may try the 2nd one We ll see

  • I found this was a tough book to read especially after reading the authors other book Real Beast I had a difficult time relating to one of the main characters I recommend that anyone who would like to read this authors work, read this before attempting the other.

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