Broken Hearted Ghoul

´ Broken Hearted Ghoul á Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene - Broken Hearted Ghoul, Broken Hearted Ghoul Read the first novel in the Taxi for the Dead Paranormal Mysteries Broken Hearted Ghoul It s been two years since Skye Mertz agreed to drive Abe s Taxi for the Dead transporting his zombie workers ba ´ Broken Hearted Ghoul á Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene - Broken Hearted Ghoul, Broken Hearted Ghoul Read the first novel in the Taxi for the Dead Paranormal Mysteries Broken Hearted Ghoul It s been two years since Skye Mertz agreed to drive Abe s Taxi for the Dead transporting his zombie workers ba

  • Title: Broken Hearted Ghoul
  • Author: Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Broken Hearted Ghoul

´ Broken Hearted Ghoul á Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene, Broken Hearted Ghoul, Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene, Broken Hearted Ghoul Read the first novel in the Taxi for the Dead Paranormal Mysteries Broken Hearted Ghoul It s been two years since Skye Mertz agreed to drive Abe s Taxi for the Dead transporting his zombie workers back to the man who gave them an additional twenty years of life She s raising her daughter with the help of her ghostly mother in law and keeps looking for what killed herRead th ´ Broken Hearted Ghoul á Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene - Broken Hearted Ghoul, Broken Hearted Ghoul Read the first novel in the Taxi for the Dead Paranormal Mysteries Broken Hearted Ghoul It s been two years since Skye Mertz agreed to drive Abe s Taxi for the Dead transporting his zombie workers ba

  • ´ Broken Hearted Ghoul á Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene
    220 Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene
Broken Hearted Ghoul

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  • Joyce Lavene Jim Lavene

    aka Elyssa Henry and Joye Ames, J.J Cook, and Ellie GrantJoyce Lavene and Jim Lavene are a wife and husband team who have written and published than 70 books since 1999 They live in North Carolina with their family and enjoy cooking, photography and ghost hunting.

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  • 2.5After a car wreck that killed her husband and a just waiting to die prognosis, a Nashville Police Officer Skye Mertz accepts an offer from Abraham Lincoln Jones to get another twenty years of her life as a zombie so she can be with her daughter She also suspects her husband s death was not an accident Her mother in law died from cancer but returned as a ghost to help her take care of the kid and to be annoying and disapproving pain in the ass The hostility and nasty comments are beyond annoyi [...]

  • If you re not a huge fan of all the blood, guts and gore that goes along with every Zombie novel those I ve read, anyway then you will really enjoy this book The Zombies in this story are nothing like those from The Walking Dead, in fact, you d never know they were living corpses because they are almost as normal as it they were truly still alive Although they differ from the living in that they don t sleep, don t get cold, they eat but don t really have to, and they have a 20 year price on thei [...]

  • I won this some time back here on GR and finally got it read An interesting premise and lots of potential Calling it 3.5 stars.I ll read the next to see where it goes This duo writes a series with a ghost as J.J Cook that I just love, along with another standard cozy series under the same name about a food truck owner If this series can come up to the level of those 2, it should really take off If you re looking for something a bit different in the paranormal mystery genre, this series is defini [...]

  • Broken Hearted Ghoul by Jim and Joyce Levene is a 2014 publication I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Two years ago Skye and her husband Jacob were killed in an accident Skye made a deal with Abe so that she could see her daughter, Kate, to adulthood So now Skye is a zombie with 18 years left to live She also has to drive the death taxi for Abe When a zombie s 20 years are up, Skye must pick them up and return them to Abe This is not the easiest job in the world [...]

  • Broken Hearted Ghoul by Joyce and Jim LaveneThe First Taxi for the Dead NovelJoyce and Jim Lavene start a new series with Broken Hearted Ghoul It s a little darker, a little grittier, and quite compelling Skye Mertz is not your average cozy heroine She s a former cop and a current zombie Not the mindless shuffling sort, but a zombie nonetheless Skye was near death after a horrible car crash which left her husband dead when she was approached by Abe, a zombie master, who gave her an option other [...]

  • Skye Mertz and her husband died in a car accident two years ago The mysterious Abe turns her in a zombie in exchange for another 20 years with her daughter, Skye will work for him as his taxi driver for the dead She picks up zombies whose 20 years have expired and brings them back to Abe, so they can die their final death Things get complicated when somebody starts killing off zombies before their time is up.What I liked The book is well written, action packed and entertaining The main characte [...]

  • After reading the prequel to this I was very excited to ask to read the advanced copy It has been two years since a fatal accident that claimed Skye s husband, and also added 20 years to her life for doing small jobs for Abe Abe is the donor for the 20 years he has given Skye All she has to do is drive a cab for the undead and pick up the zombies who of already stayed there 20 years Skye finds herself as a partner to a housewife, was working off the 20 years for her zombie husband Also along for [...]

  • When I choose my next paranormal mystery series to grow addicted to, Joyce and Jim Laverne s Taxi for the Dead will be near the top of my list This first novel has it all a cool paranormal premise that s intriguingly different from the norm, great characters, haunting hints of a larger world hidden behind the scenes, and a nicely unsettling touch of growing danger and mystery.Have you ever wondered why the world isn t filled with resurrected zombies already, if zombies exist In this tale, the zo [...]

  • Two years ago, Skye Mertz was involved in a tragic car accident that claimed the life of her husband, Jacob, and would have taken her too if not for the deal she struck with the mysterious Abe that would give her twenty years to be with her young daughter Kate The catch is that she would now be a Zombie and must do errands for Abe, that involve making pickups of other Zombies whose twenty year period is now over The book opens with the introduction of her new partner, Debbie, who has taken on t [...]

  • Broken Hearted GhoulWhat would you do if you died, but were given a chance for 20 years to live as a zombie This was the decision Skye had to make when her husband Jacob and she were killed in an auto wreck Skye was given and takes the chance of 20 years to raise her daughter Katie What she doesn t plan for is being a taxi driver for the dead She is assigned the job of picking up people who have already lived their extra 20 years and take them back to her boss, Abe What happened from there, sh [...]

  • Skye and her husband Jacob were in a traffic accident described in the short story Undead by Morning Jacob was killed and Skye had life threatening injuries, enter Abraham Lincoln Jones who offers her 20 years of life, in exchange for service to Abe This book takes place two years later, Skye s mother in law Addie is dead, but is a ghost and she takes care of Skye s daughter Kate Skye drives a taxi for the dead, picking up people zombies whose 20 years are up She has a human partner Debbie who h [...]

  • Zombies, Ghouls and Sorcerers, Oh MyAs a lover of anything spooky, mystical, or paranormal, I was definitely intrigued by this book Skye was given a second chance, in exchange for an extra 20 years instead of death, she must work for Abe, her ghoul master Skye collects the zombies whose 20 years are over.When her pickups are dead again, there is something evil in the air.On top of collecting her zombies, Skye is training a new helper who has a story of her own Debbie is doing the 20 years worth [...]

  • Just when you think that authors Joyce and Jim Lavene couldn t possaibly come up with another original series idea, they bring you The Taxi For The Dead series This story is as wonderful as the short story, UNDEAD BY MORNING, that introduced the series Chapter one of BROKEN HEARTED GHOUL really sets the tone for the pace of the action to follow I really enjoyed the interaction between protagionist Skye Mertz and her new partner Debbie Hernandez And I ve yet to decide if I m afraid of Abraham Lin [...]

  • Skye opts to become a zombie for 20 years to save her daughter from going into the foster system after her husband dies and she is mortally wounded in a car accident She is in service to Abe for those 20 years and has to pick up zombies whose time is up and deliver them to Abe But when they start turning up really dead she has to use her cop background to solve the mystery so she gets the rest of her promised time with her daughter view spoiler A sorcerer with amnesia whose is linked to Skye sho [...]

  • by GZMOnce again a zombie story in which Stop No, it is not a traditional zombie story You will not be dealing with any apocalypse, it is neither the end of our civilization nor the other, and it is not a race for survival with man eating monsters pursuing the characters Did I made you curious, isn t Do you know about Faust s tale If there the main character, after a life dedicated to science, feels that he has wasted his life and has not tasted the joys and pleasures of it, before death he make [...]

  • A supernatural cozy mystery with zombies I couldn t wait to read this book.A car crash ended Skye s life Her husband didn t survive and she was on the brink of death when she was offered a different ending One she gladly accepted so she could have time to raise her daughter.So she pledged twenty years of service to Abraham Lincoln Jones and became a zombie Not the rotting flesh and brain sucking kind She still looks pretty much the same But she is undead.No longer a police officer, she now driv [...]

  • Sky Mertz s husband died two years ago in the same car accident that killed her She is now a zombie, but not your average, run of the mill zombie She would do anything for her five year old daughter She doesn t run around eating brains and tearing people apart, limb by limb She could be the girl next door, with her blond hair and blue eyes.To have another twenty years with her daughter, she traded herself to Abe as a zombie bounty hunter she hunts down those who s twenty years are up.Debbie is h [...]

  • This book follows Skye Mertz her daughter Kate and her mother in law as Skye is working a 20 year deal she made with a Zombie Master Abe running Taxi for The Dead they collect people who have been serving Abe and their time is up Sometimes they run sometimes they go willingly Skye s partner in the taxi service is Debbie who is working off a sentence for her husband so they are teamed together to pick people up A lot happens in this book and pretty quickly.First thing is the appearance of Lucas a [...]

  • 4 STARS Broken Hearted Ghoul is the first book in Taxi for the Dead Paranormal Mystery I read the second book before first so some of the ending was not a mystery to me This is a cozy mystery with unique characters Good drama, humor and action it is a good mix Skye Mertz is a zombie She agreed to drive a Taxi for the Dead for Abe for 20 years extra life Skye and her husband were police officers in New Orleans They were in a wreck and her husband died and she was critical Skye was offered 20 extr [...]

  • I love this new series these are not the traditional zombies, the zombies in this book are pretty much normal other than they don t need to sleep It has been two years since Skye died and came back as a zombie She has twenty years before she dies again Skye has agreed to drive Abe s taxi for the dead she has to pick up the zombies when their twenty years are up Skye has a new partner Debbie, who is working off her zombie husband s service to Abe Everything has been going fine for Skye until some [...]

  • I read the prequel short story to this book, Undead by Morning so, I already knew I was in for a treat, and I wasn t wrong This series is a great twist on zombies If you were dying but had a chance at another 20 yrs, would you take it What if taking that chance meant that you would technically be a zombie and would owe servitude to the person that resurrected you Would you still take the offer Skye did in order to raise her daughter after she and her husband were in a horrible car crash Skye is [...]

  • Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

  • I loved the Lavene s Telltale Turtle and their Missing Pieces series, so when I saw this self published paranormal cozy, I snatched it up right away Broken Hearted Ghoul is a light, fun read It does not go as in depth into characters and motivations as in the Missing Pieces series, but it is exactly the kind of book I need when I am in between complex urban fantasies and my nerves need to cool down There is still lots of action and character interaction, and a unique concept to boot Despite it s [...]

  • Broken Hearted Ghoul is a well told paranormal mystery I like Skye Mertz and her stubborn determination to be there for her daughter She became a zombie so that she can raise Kate with the help of her ghostly mother in law Skye s job is to provide taxi service for the dead Who knew there were so many zombies around us They might deal with death but I like them Joyce Lavene has written an off beat and exciting adventure I m hooked on this series The author knew how to get my interest There are so [...]

  • How would you like to live with a ghost, zombie, sorcerer, and a preteen Sounds like a normal everyday family, right Skye Mertz signed a twenty year contract with Abe when she and her husband were killed in an automobile accident The contract guaranteed her twenty years so that she could bring up their daughter Kate The not so small print in the contract offered Skye the time in return for her becoming a zombie and running a van service to pick up other zombies when their twenty years were over [...]

  • I wasn t quite sure what to think of this book when I started reading the first few pages But the first few pages intrigued me so much that I had to keep reading I usually do not read paranormal mysteries I have to say I loved this book and it s characters By the end of the book I kept saying to myself, why not I became a fan Maybe we have this secret world living with us and we don t know it Do I need to watch to see if there are any Ghouls The writing drew me in, kept me reading, made me chuck [...]

  • This book has a great concept The protag dies, but is given an additional 20 years as a zombie to do the bidding of a zombie master This is not a mystery where the reader follows the clues and tries to figure it out along with the main character And it is a series, so some questions do not get answered.What bothered me about the book was that it needed line editing Not misspellings, but in too many places there were too many or not enough words in a sentence, and it stopped the action to figure [...]

  • This book was a very entertaining read I enjoyed the new spin on often overly written paranormal subjects Skye is a great character, but I felt she was a little one dimensional I would have liked to read about her investigation into her husband s suspicious death and their love story seemed one sided to me anyway I suppose that might be picked up in another installment but it didn t seem to be important enough to be included in this book Finding out about Lucas is definitely at the top of my l [...]

  • I wasn t sure I was going to like this book since I m not into reading zombie books but I was pleasantly surprised Enjoyable read I liked the premise and the characters The book had an ending that didn t leave you hanging but there are a few unanswered questions to entice you to read the next book I m curious to find out about Lucas and about Skye s background and what their connection to each other is Overall a good read and I d recommend it.

  • I read Dead Girl Blues before this It is the second book in the Taxi for Dead Paranormal Mysteries series I loved the book so it was obvious I d read the first book in the series I loved this book and came to know how Lucas came into the picture and he is so adorable and awesome especially with his speech from different era It was cute and even though he might be dangerous, lol Oh I m excited to read the second book again I think I have forgotten little so yeah.

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