Promise of Blood

[PDF] Promise of Blood | by ↠ BrianMcClellan - Promise of Blood, Promise of Blood The Age of Kings is dead and I have killed it It s a bloody business overthrowing a kingField Marshal Tamas coup against his king sent corrupt aristocrats to the guillotine and brought bread to the st [PDF] Promise of Blood | by ↠ BrianMcClellan - Promise of Blood, Promise of Blood The Age of Kings is dead and I have killed it It s a bloody business overthrowing a kingField Marshal Tamas coup against his king sent corrupt aristocrats to the guillotine and brought bread to the st

  • Title: Promise of Blood
  • Author: BrianMcClellan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Promise of Blood

[PDF] Promise of Blood | by ↠ BrianMcClellan, Promise of Blood, BrianMcClellan, Promise of Blood The Age of Kings is dead and I have killed it It s a bloody business overthrowing a kingField Marshal Tamas coup against his king sent corrupt aristocrats to the guillotine and brought bread to the starving But it also provoked war with the Nine Nations internal attacks by royalist fanatics and the greedy to scramble for money and power by Tamas s supposed alThe Age of Kings is [PDF] Promise of Blood | by ↠ BrianMcClellan - Promise of Blood, Promise of Blood The Age of Kings is dead and I have killed it It s a bloody business overthrowing a kingField Marshal Tamas coup against his king sent corrupt aristocrats to the guillotine and brought bread to the st

  • [PDF] Promise of Blood | by ↠ BrianMcClellan
Promise of Blood

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  • This book took me a while to read so you might take that to mean it s easily put down Actually it wasn t really, the main trouble for me was that when I did put it down the bugger vanished EVERY TIME I ve never had a book that s such an escape artist I half thought the cover might have an adaptive camouflage modeAnyway.When I did get to hold onto it for any period I found the book highly readable.The characters and description are good McClellan s real forte though is in building tension and int [...]

  • Just as good as the first time around, but I tell ya I probably should have waited for the re read because I still don t know when I m going to get to the second and third one Re reading with my wonderful friend ORIENT Read with some wonderful friends over at BBB When I first started the book things were just thrown at me left and right My poor little brain couldn t keep up with all of the people and what was going on, but my peeps in the book group said it gets better And guess what It did, I s [...]

  • Buddy read with these Powder Mages Sarah, Mary Haifa lurkingPromise of Blood, the first book in The Powder Mage trilogy and the debut work of Brian McClellan, Brandon Sanderson s apprentice is indeed imbued with great promises and it didn t disappoint.It s not uncommon for a high fantasy book to start their story with the dead of a king, it s been done a lot of times already and Promise of Blood used the same plot device but there is a little bit of a twist The main protagonist, Field Marshal Ta [...]

  • 1000 5 The Age of Kings is dead and I have killed it IADI haven t had the FEELS like this while reading a book in a such a long time I swear, I had the feeling I had when I first read mistborn wait okay, maybe not that amount of feels but it was close I love when you find a book you can t put down Every chance I got to read this book I would drop all my other priorities Even eating This is my favourite read of 2017 so far He had to do it the old fashioned way One bullet at a time No, he realize [...]

  • Promise of Blood is one of those books you pick up with low expectations and they proceed to blow your mind The storytelling was great, as was the pace Interesting circumstances kept occuring, and the tension was building slowly but steadily Brian McClellan is unique on codifying the inherent over specificity of juxtapositions The world is changing People do not exist to serve their governments or their kings.Governments exist to serve the people, so the people should have a say in those governm [...]

  • 4 A buddy read with the Fantasy fans BBB Because we love Fantasy in every shape and form Well, this was a pleasant surprise Flint Lock Fantasy is nothing new for me, but this is the debut book for this author and you never know how it would go, despite the many good reviews I am very pleased to say that it was not disappointing Field Marshall Thamas and his cabal of Powder Mages have staged a coup in the tradition of the French and Russian Revolutions Now they have to figure out how to govern a [...]

  • Actual rating 4.5 stars.First time I ve heard about flintlock fantasy I imagined a bunch of military men in trenches wielding muskets and fighting for a small piece of territory day after day and having long and dreadful conversations about tactics, armory and shortage of supplies and personnel whilst drawing plans of attack on a huge map For that reason alone, I avoided this kind of fantasy and this book in particular because I didn t want to go through that kind of experience But this book kep [...]

  • In the aftermath of a bloody coup against the monarchy, Field Marshal Tamas struggles to hold the country together while trying to figure out who among his trusted allies is a traitor Meanwhile, his estranged son goes into the mountains to kill a friend and stumbles upon a plot to summon a godAs I ve said in other reviews, there are certain times when a reader stumbles upon a book that hits all the sweet spots For me, one of those special books was Promise of Blood.I ve read a fair amount of fan [...]

  • Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.When this debut novel by Brian McClellan first hit shelves several years ago, it had loads of hype Everyone seemed to be raving about how creative it was, how amazing the powder mages were, and how cool the whole flintlock fantasy setting was And because of all that great word of mouth, I ayed away from Promise of Blood like the plague.Might sound strange, I know, but I did have a good reason I never seem to like hyped books Not sure why, but we do not ever see [...]

  • I got my copy earlier So now it s time for some sexy grandpa also BR with my favorite sexy grandpa loving toto AND Maggiepoo

  • This was a buddy read with my fellow fantasy fanatics at FBR.Promise of Blood drops you right into the action from the first chapter With a unique magic system and a diverse cast of characters this is a fast paced story that kept me turning the pages deep into the night Field Marshall Tamas is doing what he thinks is right for his country by overthrowing the king and nobility of Adro, but the consequences may be than he and his co conspirators are ready to handle Events have been set in motion [...]

  • Extended review on my blog and I am looking forward to reading your thoughts about it todaysdecameron.wordpress First and foremost, this book reminded me that I am a book addict I was not able to stop thinking about it when I was not reading it Sleep was secondary to reading So I need to find a AA meeting for book readers Now, let s talk about the book though because this is what this media is dedicated to 4.5 stars well deserved The story is told with majestic skill It starts with a bang view s [...]

  • Actual rating Somewhere between 3.5 and 4 stars Buddy read with the Fantasy lovers at BBB You can check Choko s excellent review if you want a enthusiastic perspective Alright, this was one of my most anticipated reads of 2017 And I should have learned by now to keep my expectations reasonable Don t get me wrong This was a pretty good book and a debut, at that But despite bringing together amazing Fantasy elements and magic systems, Promise of Blood didn t blow my mind and there were some detai [...]

  • I ve been hearing a lot of good things about this book and while I was somewhat skeptical at first, I am quite pleased to announce that it was delightful Delightful as in lots of blood and guts, gun mages, sorcerers, revolution, plain war, resurrected gods, a very sneaky Chef and a fantastic investigation that s all gumshoe mystery in a fully realized fantasy realm.What makes this stand out, though I think it s mostly the characters, the bright pacing, and the magic system.A lot of these epic fa [...]

  • Holy pit This book was pretty good Not a typo the most common exclamation in this universe is pit Black powder artillery magic in a fantasy world Yes, please Lot s of action, intrigue, deceit, and magic Oddly enough, even with all this it was a little slow in a few places Also, I swear there were a few big plot holes There is one scene where I there was a character not there and in the middle of a one on one battle, the writing changed to include another character out of nowhere Read it a few ti [...]

  • Promise of Blood was an intense, action packed opening to a series that I m really excited to continue It had a complex, brilliantly executed magic system, great characters and a good plot that was interesting up until the very end I m definitely going to read the sequel soon The magic system in this book was incredible I ve heard it compared to Sanderson s Mistborn series but having never read it I can t really comment What I can say is that this was one of the most complex and intriguing magic [...]

  • 4 stars Sorry I m only just getting this up now, I had a very busy weekend.I ll say this right at the beginning everybody should pay careful attention to Brian McClellan I have a feeling that this trilogy is just the start for him If the quality of his writing is any indicator, we can expect great things from him I had my few issues with the book, but seriously, this guy knows how to write.This was a great book Truly interesting world, as well as excellent characters with multiple POVs, but an u [...]

  • When you ve read a few novels of the same genre simultaneously, odds are you ll eventually start rating the latter ones lower than it should receive I ve been in a Fantasy marathon, and some were really great, but some were terrible Promise of Blood falls under neutral, it wasn t boring or bad, but it didn t blow my mind I picked this up because the premise seemed really interesting, and gunpowder sounded really cool to me I didn t get what I wanted though, but I almost did.Promise of Blood was [...]

  • I came to know about Brian McClellan as an up and coming author who has attended Brandon Sanderson s writing classes at BYU Now those of who you know me or have followed my reviews are well aware of how I pretty much worship all things Sanderson Did this in any way influence how I view this book Not in the least Given that this is a debut, Promise of Blood is really darn good While the magic system powder mages specifically seemed to be inspired by Sanderson s Allomancy, McClellan made it his ow [...]

  • Light and action packed blockbuster of military flintlock fantasy Interesting complex plot, flawed but easy to relate to characters, innovative and complex magic system and mad pacing One of those books that throws you straight into action and doesn t let go It doesn t bother with any explanations or descriptions gives you just enough info to keep you going Amount of things happening in the storyline would be enough to write a trilogy for another writer.It s a debut novel so no wonder the writin [...]

  • 2.5 stars rounded up to 3 stars because I know this book is better than I think it is This was my third attempt to read this book and I finally made it through I don t really know why it didn t gel with me maybe something in the writing style I didn t really bond with any of the characters The magic system itself was quite different but even that didn t really inspire me Meh

  • What must be done will be done Actual rating 3.5 starsI tried hard to convince myself to give Promise of Blood the complete 4 stars I wanted to give it I have no negative feelings toward this book and I m actually extremely fond of it, but after thinking about it and weighing all the pros and cons, I just couldn t I feel sort of bad about this because I really did enjoy the book, but like Sabon said, you do what you gotta do I m still a little upset with myself though Alright, so this book There [...]

  • This book was fantastic best book I ve read this year and I can t wait to read the rest right after I finish the new Darker Shade of Magic book I loved the characters, I loved the story line, and I liked the innovative idea that magic and guns could be used together So one thing that has me a bit worried I looked at the author s Goodread page and compared my books to his I noticed he s read the Malazan books which are huge favorites of mine , but then I noticed a disturbing similarity this spoil [...]

  • I ve stewed on it, and I m going with 4.5 5 stars for me on this one That s higher than a lot of other reviews I read well except for Sarah, who went with 1000 5 stars I didn t even know we could do that I asked myself what it is I want out of a fantasy read great characters none too perfect or too flawed , well defined and believable setting world building, unique and powerful magic system, mystery, intrigue, adventure, action, battles and surprises I felt this book delivered all of those thing [...]

  • Guns, Germs, and Steel well, minus germsd probably not so much economics oh and plus magic Okay that was not even remotely applicable Why would anyone think that even made any sense Pretty early in my reading of Promise of Blood, I said, An investigator looking into a mystery, an assassin type chasing a mage, and then Tamas, just Tamas I look forward to every POV, how is that even possible I can t say this really changed throughout the entire book There s one small POV that s in addition to the [...]

  • Update After finishing the whole trilogy and most of the novellas I want to get into the adult fantasy genre but I am intimidated by the size and tedious world building then this trilogy is for you it has probably the most exciting and fast paced introduction to the new world and characters I ve ever read in this genre.I m a fantasy buff and only well crafted worlds and complicated magic systems satisfy me Again, this is the trilogy for you Throughout the three books and many novellas you get a [...]

  • Definitely a solid start to a series although not completely without flaws However, the story really builds on itself which allowed me to get and engaged as the book went on It s unique, the setting is different yet familiar enough to be immersive, and the magic system feels well thought out.I won t lie though I had a hell of a time getting into this story and it almost became one of my to finish someday books The skeleton of something great was there which kept it from being an outright DNF I [...]

  • King Manhouch is set to sign accords to practically enslave Adro to a neighboring country, Kez, to settle the debt he owes them Before that can happen Field Marshall Tamas, the hero of Adro and pride of the people, staged a coup on his king and other members of the nobility Now Tamas and his council must govern Adro while protecting it from threats within and without The threats go beyond knives and guns, it extends to people who can wield the elements with each finger of their gloved hands Adro [...]

  • In the interest of full disclosure, I received a copy of Promise of Blood from the publisher in exchange for an honest review So, here s the bare truth of it I think I only got about a chapter and a half in before I felt the need to go out and buy a copy of my very own From the intro alone, I just knew I had to own this book and add it to my personal fantasy library, and even now that I m done, I do not regret that decision one bit While it is true that the novel is not without its flaws, it is [...]

  • If you have read my bio or a few of my reviews then you know that Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors ever So it was a no brainer to pick up this book not just because Sanderson recommended it but also because Brian McClellan was once a student of his I see some of the influence that Sanderson might have on his writing but Brian McClellan is definitely finding his own voice and put together an intricate world and a very gripping story.This is BM s first book and so while very good yo [...]

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