Broken Angels

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Broken Angels : by Graham Masterton - Broken Angels, Broken Angels One cold spring morning in County Cork two fishermen find a bundle of rags floating in the Blackwater River It is the bloated body of Father Heaney His hands and feet are bound and his neck bears th [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Broken Angels : by Graham Masterton - Broken Angels, Broken Angels One cold spring morning in County Cork two fishermen find a bundle of rags floating in the Blackwater River It is the bloated body of Father Heaney His hands and feet are bound and his neck bears th

  • Title: Broken Angels
  • Author: Graham Masterton
  • ISBN: 9781781851197
  • Page: 171
  • Format: Paperback
Broken Angels

[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Broken Angels : by Graham Masterton, Broken Angels, Graham Masterton, Broken Angels One cold spring morning in County Cork two fishermen find a bundle of rags floating in the Blackwater River It is the bloated body of Father Heaney His hands and feet are bound and his neck bears the marks of garrotting wire Worse still he has been castrated When a second priest is found murdered his body bruised and beaten and the same savage wound hidden beneath hiOne cold spri [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Broken Angels : by Graham Masterton - Broken Angels, Broken Angels One cold spring morning in County Cork two fishermen find a bundle of rags floating in the Blackwater River It is the bloated body of Father Heaney His hands and feet are bound and his neck bears th

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Broken Angels : by Graham Masterton
    171 Graham Masterton
Broken Angels

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    Graham Masterton was born in Edinburgh in 1946 His grandfather was Thomas Thorne Baker, the eminent scientist who invented DayGlo and was the first man to transmit news photographs by wireless After training as a newspaper reporter, Graham went on to edit the new British men s magazine Mayfair, where he encouraged William Burroughs to develop a series of scientific and philosophical articles which eventually became Burroughsi novel The Wild Boys At the age of 24, Graham was appointed executive editor of both Penthouse and Penthouse Forum magazines At this time he started to write a bestselling series of sex how to books including How To Drive Your Man Wild In Bed which has sold over 3 million copies worldwide His latest, Wild Sex For New Lovers is published by Penguin Putnam in January, 2001 He is a regular contributor to Cosmopolitan, Men s Health, Woman, Woman s Own and other mass market self improvement magazines.Graham Masterton s debut as a horror author began with The Manitou in 1976, a chilling tale of a Native American medicine man reborn in the present day to exact his revenge on the white man It became an instant bestseller and was filmed with Tony Curtis, Susan Strasberg, Burgess Meredith, Michael Ansara, Stella Stevens and Ann Sothern.Altogether Graham has written than a hundred novels ranging from thrillers The Sweetman Curve, Ikon to disaster novels Plague, Famine to historical sagas Rich and Maiden Voyage both appeared in the New York Times bestseller list He has published four collections of short stories, Fortnight of Fear, Flights of Fear, Faces of Fear and Feelings of Fear.He has also written horror novels for children House of Bones, Hair Raiser and has just finished the fifth volume in a very popular series for young adults, Rook, based on the adventures of an idiosyncratic remedial English teacher in a Los Angeles community college who has the facility to see ghosts.Since then Graham has published than 35 horror novels, including Charnel House, which was awarded a Special Edgar by Mystery Writers of America Mirror, which was awarded a Silver Medal by West Coast Review of Books and Family Portrait, an update of Oscar Wilde s tale, The Picture of Dorian Gray, which was the only non French winner of the prestigious Prix Julia Verlanger in France.He and his wife Wiescka live in a Gothic Victorian mansion high above the River Lee in Cork, Ireland.

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  • I love Graham Masterton This series is a Supernatural thriller that is so creepy Not for the faint of the heart but a fantastic read if you love intense suspense It scared me in some parts which surprised.

  • Masterton Katie Maguire, 2003 , Katie , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 120000 , , , , , , , 2014 Katie Maguire,

  • 4.5 stars This, the second book in the Katie Maguire series and again, I liked a lot Masterton is excellent at creating chilling, grisly and graphic scenes in his crime novels and this one was no exception.It s not for the squeamish, you ve been warned The entire book focuses around the hunt for the killers of the local priesthood, whom I might add are discovered castrated, yes, castrated in gory detail It s an intriguing storyline with a sideline into Katie Maguire s private life again as with [...]

  • In Broken Angels, the second book featuring County Cork DI Katie Maguire, Graham Masterton focuses the plot on religion and beliefs It picks up 18 months after the end of White Bones, when Katie is investigating the murder of a priest who has been castrated While this could be a very obvious story line if you think about possible motives, it was anything but I admit I found the brutal torture scenes in this one disturbing than in book 1 Listening to the graphic descriptions actually made me squ [...]

  • I really enjoyed reading this book, following Katie Maguire as she runs a race against time to catch whoever is responsible for a series of brutal slayings of local priests in Cork First though, she has to figure out why they are being singled out, all she knows is that they were involved in events going back to 1983 involving the abuse of children in their care I have to say, that this is not a book for the faint hearted The slayings are brutal and sadistic and described in depth I found myself [...]

  • Although I only gave the book 3 stars, I did feel compelled to finish it It was tough to read at times, with graphic descriptions of the murders but what annoyed me than anything was the writer s habit of adding in Irish sayings that nobody in Ireland ever uses It was very obvious that it was not an Irish person that wrote the book, but for any sadists out there you ll probably love it

  • I actually enjoyed this book than the rating suggests But two particular scenes, and an ongoing plot point, dragged it down a notch.Overall, the Katie Maguire series two books in, at least , is very obviously a police thriller written by a guy known for his horror novels That s not a bad thing, because Masterton knows how to put the grue in gruesome He s managed, over these two books, to actually make me squirm, which is a feat in and of itself And any book that makes me feel something, wins.So [...]

  • The second book following the career of Detective Inspector Kate McGuire It s a tough and an uncomfortable read as at times it involves repeated scenes of castration ouch The story revolves around the creation of a choir of Castrati and as this suggest involves sexual and physical abuse A number of priests are disappearing soon to be found horribly mutilated, all evidence points to an abuse of power and privilege within the church The action is fast, the storyline never falters, and all this set [...]

  • P iznat se ke ten Grahama Mastertona to u je skoro jako p iznat se ke ten porna Co zase nen p irovn n tak od v ci, proto e Masterton je nejen autorem hromady hororov ch knih v ml d jsem je hltal v pol tin , p r jich pak vy lo i esky, ale u n s moc neprorazil , ale i erotick ch p ru ek a podobn ch z le itost Dost ast to pak kombinoval, tak e obvykle se v jeho pozd j ch knih ch ob deset stran st daly popisy brut ln ch vra d s popisy brut ln ho sexu Ale na star kolena zjistil, e te je v t z jem o k [...]

  • nenadchlo, neurazilo knizka tak nejak plyne a vlastne se ani moc nevysetruje, stridaji se kapitoly pro muze velmi neprijemneho muceni s kapitolami ze zivota Kate.v porovnani s prvni dilem o dost slabsi.

  • A bunch of elderly clergy are being killed and castrated , but the Catholic Church have closed ranks and Katie is having difficulty getting any further in this case.Once again the crimes committed are so horrifically written you can tell Mr Masterton has a horror genre background.

  • 4 1 2 Stars.Graham Masterton in Broken Angels has written an excellent police procedural with a plot concerning priests, previously accused of having sexually abused orphaned children in their care but released due to lack of evidence Then these same priests begin to be found in Cork City tortured to death, as well as castrated All told, this should be a straight forward story, however, the deeper Katie digs the disturbing the reality of this case becomes And, the truth of things is ferociously [...]

  • 5 starsIn this, the second book of the Katie Maguire series, two fishermen spot a body in the water The man is trussed up and quite dead When Katie and her team respond to the call, they discover that the man had been castrated The tentative identification is that he is one Father Heaney He was accused several times of abusing the boys to whom he taught music, but was never convicted Chief Superintendent O Driscoll and Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire get an invitation to see Monsignor Kel [...]

  • The story of religious retribution and some grusome acts along the way Very well written, and some nice personal touches that follow on from the first book.A hint of an open ending is potentially cheesy and there s a conversation missed, but it does make you want to dive into the next one.

  • A second book featuring Cork Police Superintendent Katie Maguire Two gruesome murders of Catholic priests lead to a Church cover up of events 30 years earlier concerning abuse of boys and then a particular and almost unbelievable story Maguire is resolute throughout despite several tensions in her private life adding to the pressures This is a tense police procedural and a better than the first book in the series.

  • This is the first book I have read by Graham Masterton and I thoroughly enjoyed it This is the second in the Katie MacGuire series and I can t wait to read the others I also listened to this on Audible and the narrator does a great job bringing the story to life Being from Ireland and in the police I read with a very keen eye for detail Although I agree with previous reviewers that say the characters are certainly stereotyped The Fields of Athenry ringtone was a bit OTT for my liking I still fou [...]

  • Broken Angels is a gripping novel that hooks you up from the first chapter to the last Again, as with the first novel in the Katie Maguire series, we have several gruesome scenes of torture and mutilation which require a good empty stomach At some points I found myself wincing and biting my nails and knuckles.The novel starts with the discovery of a corpse by the river Detective Superintendent Katie Maguire is immediately called upon the scene The body is that of a parish priest still in his bla [...]

  • Rozbit and l s druh m dielom drsnej detekt vnej s rie o rskej komis rke Katie Maguirovej K m v prvom dieli sme rie ili zapeklit pr pad vr d s mytologick m podtextom, v tomto dieli sa vyberieme medzi predstavite ov cirkve Ve mi drsn m sp sobom za n umiera k azi, ktor ch navy e e te niekto kastruje a v etky stopy ved k sirot incu sv Jozefa, ktor pravdepodobne skr va jedno stra n tajomstvo Ani v tomto dieli osud alebo autor komis rku ne etr a tak okrem pr padu, ktor sa zamot va st le viac a viac a [...]

  • When I started the first book in this series, it took me a while to get into it But I once I did, it was hard to put down It s always comforting to know that there are books in a series waiting for you once you finish the first, though it does kill the suspense a little whenever our heroine finds herself in peril As I m reading these books, I m binge watching and loving Scott and Bailey, and there are definite similarities in mood between the Katie Maguire books and Scott and Bailey I should sa [...]

  • I actually really enjoy Graham Masterton s mystery work I enjoyed the first Katie Maguire novel a great deal She s a likable heroine strong and smart and funny with a touch of tragedy I think that s why I had some issues with this volume in the series I don t like to put spoilers in my reviews, hidden or not but I had issues with decisions her character made in terms of her romantic life I liked the actual mystery subject a lot I found it creepy and interesting and suitably gory as is typical wi [...]

  • Katie McGuire is still encountering some nasty killers in Cork, in this the second novel in the series This time a bloated body of a priest is found floating in the river by some fisherman, and he has been tortured and is missing some sensitive body parts Her private life is getting interesting too After a year long relationship with farmer John, he is now beginning to put some pressure on and decisions must be made, nothing will be easy for her She is fast becoming my new thriller hero, as I am [...]

  • This is the second in former horror writer Mastertons, Katie McGuire crime series.I was never a fan of his previous works as they were too gory for my simple reading tastes however I quite like his new stuff.The writing is good and the stories are well thought out and procedurally correct This one tells the tale of revenge killings of abusive Catholic priests.My only complaints with both books in the series are that the sex scenes are too graphic and not really required, the author seems to sque [...]

  • The author goes deep into explaining the looks, shapes and sizes of the character each time a new plot appears There is not much progress done by the detective even though the story keeps on going, as if everything is dependent on their luck, they rarely use their brain In both the book in this series, end is extra fictional Not able to save any of the victims and the executor Won t even think to read the third book.

  • Excellent Couldn t put it down The plot is intriguing and the vengeance horrific The characters were on the whole believable with enough gaps to allow the reader to hope for a sequel Graham Masterton now has a deserved place on my good author s list.

  • It was a great read full of twists and surprises It is slow to start but once the mayhem begins, it pulls out all the stops I was happy to be taken along on this gruesome ride, and wished it was longer A riveting read.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this gritty book The graphic descriptions were hard at times but overall I think they made the story and helped you to understand why the killers did what they did After this book it is safe to say Graham Masterton is now one of my favourite authors

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