Frozen Hearts

Free Download Frozen Hearts - by Teegan Loy - Frozen Hearts, Frozen Hearts Forced to live a lie for an image the best college hockey player in the nation is quitting the game Can Erik make peace with his past and the boy he left behind or will he fold under the pressure Th Free Download Frozen Hearts - by Teegan Loy - Frozen Hearts, Frozen Hearts Forced to live a lie for an image the best college hockey player in the nation is quitting the game Can Erik make peace with his past and the boy he left behind or will he fold under the pressure Th

  • Title: Frozen Hearts
  • Author: Teegan Loy
  • ISBN: 9781614958925
  • Page: 277
  • Format: ebook
Frozen Hearts

Free Download Frozen Hearts - by Teegan Loy, Frozen Hearts, Teegan Loy, Frozen Hearts Forced to live a lie for an image the best college hockey player in the nation is quitting the game Can Erik make peace with his past and the boy he left behind or will he fold under the pressure The best college hockey player in the nation is hanging up his skates because he s tired of living a lie Five years ago Erik Fox was forced by his father to change schools iForced to live Free Download Frozen Hearts - by Teegan Loy - Frozen Hearts, Frozen Hearts Forced to live a lie for an image the best college hockey player in the nation is quitting the game Can Erik make peace with his past and the boy he left behind or will he fold under the pressure Th

  • Free Download Frozen Hearts - by Teegan Loy
    277Teegan Loy
Frozen Hearts

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    Teegan Loy began writing a long time ago Notebooks filled with ideas were stacked around the house One day, she sat down with renewed ambition and something fantastic happened she completed a story.Now most of her time is spent writing, but she takes an occasional break to go to the movies, where she imagines her stories on the big screen She also enjoys watching hockey, filling her IPod with music and driving her daughter around town to various activities.

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  • Might contain spoilers Oi Its not the book its me It took me 3 days to finish this book and it is less than 200 pages.There are so many good reviews and i thought to give it a try well because it was hockey, but i ended up disappointed The Mc s had a tiny bit of chemistry but i felt it was not well developed, after all they were apart for 5 years then they meet and its all about i love you always immediately, i need you and sex,no talking, no groveling, nothing at all I love drama but the one in [...]

  • While our two MCs had quite a few hurdles to jump through get to each other, the payoff was definitely worth it and this turned out to be an absolutely delightful romance I especially enjoyed the secondary characters and really hope Teegan Loy has plans to turn this first book into a series If you like best friends, who find love with each other at a young age but are torn apart by bigotry and hate, big, beautiful hockey players, tons and tons of homophobia and angst, a fabulous love story with [...]

  • There was quite a bit of ugly happening in this story We have a fantastic college hockey player choosing to give up a shot at the NHL to stay at school and graduate He s being pushed on all sides to keep up with hockey and to present a certain image He decides to push back I really liked the MC s here quite a bit, Erik and Tyce Former best friends, former teammates It s been five years since they ve really talked and as Erik tries to take back control of his life he hopes that there s the possib [...]

  • I LOVED LOVED LOVED this story its was so heartbreakingly real and it makes me so mad SO MAD that this is what real life is really like i m sitting here, crying while i write this, because EVERYONE deserves to love and be loved in return sexual orientation BE DAMNED on a happier note, i m glad that Erik and Tyce got their HEA watching them fight and find their way back to each other despite all the obstacles in their path was hard to read but it was beautiful in the end and it touched my heart s [...]

  • I really enjoyed this story 4 stars.Although the plot may not have been that original son forced to change schools and deny his feelings after father finds out he kissed a boy , it hit all the right buttons.There are wonderful main characters Erik, who is finally making a stand against his father, You know Dad, if he wanted me back, I would crawl naked across shattered glass to get to him and Tyce, who gives him a second chance.Great secondary characters in the interfering for all the right reas [...]

  • Always have Always will Very intense story about a hockey player Eric Foxy who s fed up with his life, fed up with others dictating his life any longer.He s no longer sure he wants to be the professional hockey player without his love of his lifeTyce in his life.Five years ago his father decided to cut Tyce out of his life by shipping him to another school For no hockey player is supposed to be gay.But Eric has never been able to get Tyce, his friend he grow up with, go.There are some pretty har [...]

  • Erik Fox has lived his life to please his family, please his team, and to please just about everyone but himself And while he loves hockey may even need hockey he just can t go on like he has been So he decides to turn down his chance at the NHL and try his chances at being honest with himself at least He is gay, has always been gay, and has loved a grand total of one man his entire life Tyce Too bad he threw away his chance at love when he let his parents ship him off in the middle of high scho [...]

  • I felt a bit uncomfortable reading this book, mostly in the way poor Erik was treated by everyone around him.Erik s father forced him to break up with his boyfriend at seventeen He was shipped off and then made into this product for all that is a sporting hero God Erik is a great hockey player but he has lost the passion for the sport Erik has had enough, he wants to finish college, get his degree and then embark on a new life His father is having none of it so he beats him up, his mother doesn [...]

  • A screechy, over the top melodrama with unbelievable, one dimensional characters All telling, no showing Formulaic, clich d storyline I thought it must have been self published because it didn t seem like a finished product to me.

  • SO really bad acting all I can think to compare this to If the over the top dramatic tone throughout the book doesn t bother you then you might enjoy it than me 2 starz for the cover.

  • A Hearts On Fire ReviewTHREE A HALF STARS Teegan Loy s Frozen Hearts is one angst filled, hockey filled, new adult gay romance Erik has had to hide who he was for an image he no longer cares for Pressured to give him his love and best friend Tyce in order to appease a homophobic father has taken a toll on young Erick for the last five years So he finally put his foot down.And boy did he pay It seemed that everyone smacked Erik or had it out for him Everyone had it out for Erik when he finally de [...]

  • Do these people know how to react appropriately to news they don t want to hear Seriously The poor MC got punched, slapped, choked by just about everyone and that s not including what his actual enemies did to him Jeez.

  • This was one of those books that gripped me from the first page Why Basically, the conflicts Erik faces are tough both as an athlete on a professional level and as a man in his personal life , he clearly has no idea how to deal with his emotions, and he suffers before the story really starts There is also something about his voice, the way he thinks and avoids dealing with life that struck me as realistic and kept me wanting to know what s next Of course, by the time Tyce is introduced, I was al [...]

  • 3.5 starsErik s whole life has revolved around hockey and he wants a change Tired of having his life dictated by his father and not being true to himself, Erik decides to take his future in his hands His decisions leave him dealing with his past, especially with his high school love, Tyce Although he has been living a lie for the past few years, Erik has never forgotten Tyce, nor the first time they kissed However, Erik s sister has been Tyce friends all these years and has known Erik s secret a [...]

  • Okay, this gets 4 stars cuz I love Erik Like, loved him and want to hug him and I hate what his dad put him through Ugh and his fucked up sister who was loyal to her friend who happens to be her brother s best friend and first love than her brother It was fucked I was wary of the violence and amount of fighting I concur with someone who said that the message that of one comes out in sports they ll get their ass beat every day is almost unsettlingly prevalent in this book But I will say I adored [...]

  • 4.25 stars I really enjoyed this story The writing pulled me in right away The book opened up with Erik s hockey team winning the championship and Erik decided to make tough decisions regarding his future which included coming out, getting under his father s control and reuniting with Tyce I loved the MCs together and I loved Erik s determination to change his life The road was not easy for them, a lot of hate and gay bashing were thrown their way People Erik thought were his friends turned away [...]

  • There was nothing really NEW to this story, but I loved it just the same The characters were great, including all the side characters.

  • The two main characters were interesting and likable, but the author surrounded them with so much bullshit that this book wasn t enjoyable and hard to finish The sister was annoying, overbearing and all she did was yell at her brother and blame him for being a victim of his father s homophobia and staying in the closet Then the main character, who was living a lie due to homophobia comes out and is shocked at the fact that he is experiencing homophobia Oh and the book ends with him forgiving his [...]

  • Formulaic college story about an athlete coming out of a closet I would give it 3 stars, but few things made me downgrading the bookD SPOILERS AHEAD1 To Studip To Live character of Eric The guy is harassed verbally and view spoiler nearly run over by a car twice hide spoiler , but he refuses to go to the cops and begs his sister to keep quiet about hate mails.2 Self sacrificing hero coward a.k.a TSTL Eric, who leaves his lover to keep him safe.3.Shouting as only way of presenting one s opinions [...]

  • 3.85Good story, likable MC s and secondariesbut how many times can you get beaten up I know its rough out there, and not every place is MA, but this book makes it seem like a whole town campus is going to lose its mind when a guy comes out and beat him and everyone he knows I liked the story but I get sick of the message that coming out is going to mean beatings all the time very enjoyable, but that point annoyed me.

  • This is another book that I really wished was longer I wanted to see what happened after the interviews What happened with Erik and his dad So many unanswered questions But I m happy I got to read this book Erik and Tyce, former best friends and lovers, have been reunited after 5 ling years The reunion wasn t as joyful as they would have liked, but they stood by each other, and worked to make their relationship work Loved it.

  • 4.5 Always have, Always will I loved this book I must be on a hockey kick at the moment The guys have loved each other since middle school A second chance puts them in each others space again as they try to reacquaint each other Outside forces are wanting to keep them apart Loved the sister and all the roommates I wonder if Sam will have his book Going to find out now

  • This book is brutal in depicting how dangerous it can be to love someone of the same sex, to love someone that elements of society say is written ok by to love.But it s also a brilliant depiction of how love can triumph and ultimately is a story of two young men who find each other again and overcome all obstacles to stay together.

  • I really quite enjoyed this book and would definitely read by this author Unfortunately, I felt that some of the parts were rushed and pushed together and therefore it came off less realistic, but otherwise it was really quite good The background characters were fantastic, and I found myself invested in their relationships as well.

  • This book was so sweet I loved Erik and Tyce I really enjoyed this book and hope to maybe see of Erik and Tyce or maybe Sam

  • I like a good angst in my books, but this was over the top drama llama ridiculousness Just stop Stop Everyone needs to take their drama down a notch.Did I read a different book from everyone else and all these 4 star reviews The entire book is from Erik s point of view, and we know nothing about Tyce The obsession with Erik that the rest of the world campus seems to have is based on what reality The constant everyone is getting the shit kicked out of them, and then I m fine is strange And poor E [...]

  • The cover might be ugly af but the story was amazing I cried it was such a beautiful love story I m very emotional right now and I m pretty bummed out that there doesn t seem to be a sequel for this Love and hockey, what could u ask for Beautiful.Also, the whole drawing an x on each other, that thing they always say and the fact that they had each other s jersey numbers on their skates ,,, it just gets to me,, like that s ADORABLE so fucking romantic and sweet like wtf how is that allowed Too c [...]

  • I fucking loved this book I hate being emotional, but I literally cried a few times when I was reading It was so sad and lovely what these boys gone through, I am so glad how the story ended A true love story I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes gay romance stories.

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