Accidents Happen

[PDF] Accidents Happen | by ✓ Louise Millar - Accidents Happen, Accidents Happen From Louise Millar the acclaimed author of The Playdate comes a gripping psychological thriller where one woman s streak of bad luck may be something far sinister A MAGNETIC AND CHILLING NEW THRILLE [PDF] Accidents Happen | by ✓ Louise Millar - Accidents Happen, Accidents Happen From Louise Millar the acclaimed author of The Playdate comes a gripping psychological thriller where one woman s streak of bad luck may be something far sinister A MAGNETIC AND CHILLING NEW THRILLE

  • Title: Accidents Happen
  • Author: Louise Millar
  • ISBN: 9781451656725
  • Page: 348
  • Format: ebook
Accidents Happen

[PDF] Accidents Happen | by ✓ Louise Millar, Accidents Happen, Louise Millar, Accidents Happen From Louise Millar the acclaimed author of The Playdate comes a gripping psychological thriller where one woman s streak of bad luck may be something far sinister A MAGNETIC AND CHILLING NEW THRILLER FROM HIGHLY ACCLAIMED AUTHOR LOUISE MILLAR Kate Parker has weathered unimaginable horrors her parents died in a traffic accident on her wedding night and her husband From Louise Mi [PDF] Accidents Happen | by ✓ Louise Millar - Accidents Happen, Accidents Happen From Louise Millar the acclaimed author of The Playdate comes a gripping psychological thriller where one woman s streak of bad luck may be something far sinister A MAGNETIC AND CHILLING NEW THRILLE

  • [PDF] Accidents Happen | by ✓ Louise Millar
    348Louise Millar
Accidents Happen

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    Louise Millar Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Accidents Happen book, this is one of the most wanted Louise Millar author readers around the world.

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  • Kate Parker believes she is cursed Her parents died in a bizarre accident and her Husband was murdered Now to top it all off her my house has been burgled twice and her in laws are threatening to take away her only child.Sadly, Kate s anxiety is unmanageable to her without a constant stream of statistics that she repeats to herself and thinks will keep her safe One day Kate meets Jago, a visiting professor and author of a book on statistics and through his unorthodox techniques, Kate finds herse [...]

  • The central character of this story, Kate, is a put upon single mother authors have really got to find something to call these characters other than Kate who believes she is cursed This isn t as ridiculous as it sounds her parents were both killed in a freak accident, her husband was murdered in a random attack, her house is the only one on the street to have been burgled numerous times , etc This has all led to her growing paranoid that something bad will happen to her or Jack, her ten year old [...]

  • I have been trying to read this book for weeks and I am now throwing in the towel I have no desire to finish ACCIDENTS HAPPEN and I have other things to read I had really high hopes for this one, and the ever so slightly off opening lived up to those hopes But then I just kept getting less interested.1 Don t mention the thing In the first several chapters, Louise Millar has several characters mention a thing that paranoid Kate Parker bought without mentioning what it is This builds up quite a bi [...]

  • this thriller took awhile to get going and the plot was easy to work out hence why only giving this 3 stars

  • If you re looking for a page turning psychological thriller to read on holiday, you could do worse than Louise Millar s Accidents Happen if SJ Watson s Before I Go To Sleep is your kind of thing, perhaps Don t, however, turn to this one for gritty realism it s not strong on plausibility.The protagonist of Accidents Happen is Kate, an affluent middle class widow who, after losing first her parents and then her husband in tragic circumstances, has been left convinced that she is cursed and sufferi [...]

  • The first thing I noticed about Louise Millar s book Accidents Happen was this was going to be one of those books where things were not what they seemed As the story progressed, that feeling was reinforced time and again Interestingly, though, even with the feeling getting stronger and stronger, I was never quite able to put my finger on exactly what was wrong Kate Parker is a single mother who has seen than her share of tragedy She lost her parents to an auto accident on her wedding day, her h [...]

  • I really enjoyed this and if it hadn t been for the last chapter or so I d have given it 5 stars I thought Ms Millar did a good job of showing a woman in meltdown after the death of her husband She s obsessed with accident statistics and of course, the biggest accident is waiting to happen I was suspicious for a while and that suspicion turned to I m certain but it in no way spoiled my enjoyment of the story I read a lot of psychological thrillers and this was up there with Nicci French s books [...]

  • Kate Parker suffers from severe anxiety, and no wonder her parents were killed in an accident on her wedding day, her happy marriage ended abruptly when her husband was murdered, her house has been broken into and her computer stolen Her in laws try to understand her grief and anxiety, but eventually Kate s behavior becomes so paranoid they feel the need to step in and interfere.Accidents Happen, but indeed, are all of the accidents and disturbing things that occur and that Kate tries to protect [...]

  • Wow this is a real psychological thriller Set in Oxford Kate, mother to Jack is struggling with anxiety searching out statistics to make their lives safer In short she has suffered so much bad luck that she believes she is cursed Kate s mother and father in law, Helen and Richard along with their daughter Saskia are keen to help her out but tensions are rising as they become desperately concerned for Jacks well being.At first I found the endless labouring of Kate s anxiety a little off putting a [...]

  • I enjoyed Ms Millar s debut novel, Playdate Taut, interesting, nuanced characters and a clever structure This is, therefore, a huge disappointment A cast of dull, middle England, middle class characters, a whining protagonist with a bunch of grafted on Googled foibles and a truly ridiculous denoument although I skimmed my way there after reaching halfway I think this is a case of an author trying way too hard, reaching for ideas and twists that simply don t scan or ring true This could have done [...]

  • Kate is a brilliant character who has had so many tragic disasters in her life that you really feel for her and want her to be happy Her parents were killed in a Road accident on the night of her marriage to the wonderful Hugo, who in turn was murdered a few years later Kate and Hugo s son, Jack, is a great character too and is much older than his years, due, in some part, to all the anxieties Kate suffers from Magnus is the extremely creepy next door neighbour with a distinct sense of menace I [...]

  • For the first 85%, this psychological thriller was wonderfully creepy and worth 4 stars, but it was ruined by the last couple of chapters which descended into melodramatic nonsense Don t spoil subtle with mwahaha.

  • This book has been on my shelf for years, so finally I decided to pick it up.The main character is Kate, who lost her parents and then her husband, and is struggling with her daily life as a result She believes that she is cursed, and uses statistics all the time So, if she has to go out she will know what are the percentages for everything she does, like there is a 40% chance that her waitress has not washed her hands or lorries are involved in nearly a third of all road accidents.This addictio [...]

  • Accidents Happen Can anyone be so unlucky Accidents Happen, honestly I was intrigued by the synopsis Can one person have that much bad luck At the beginning its a slow read, the pacing But a few chapters in a mystery starts to form And questions begin to bubble to the surface Is Kate crazy, and who is this mysterious figure lurking in the background Just enough drama to keep the reader s interest as you are spoon fed clues If you re smart you ll pick up the clues fast I like that its written in [...]

  • theprettygoodgatsby.wordpress.Everyone has their personal brand of comfort read, be it a fluffy romance, realistic fiction, or a beloved childhood favorite For me it s thrillers Prior to jumping back into YA and blogging , 95% of what I read fell into the thriller genre and I love revisiting favorites and discovering new ones Louise Millar s sopho title, Accidents Happen, definitely classifies as the latter spoiler alert.After a series of tragedies the sudden death of her parents on her wedding [...]

  • Having absolutely adored this authors debut novel The Playdate I eagerly anticipated her next book and when I spotted it available for review on Netgalley I instantly applied to read an advance copy I knew her first book was going to be a hard act to follow I m relieved to say this didn t disappoint Accidents happen is another startlingly complex look inside a deeply traumatised mind and a mixture of flawed and complex characters I found it quite hard to follow at the beginning but this is the a [...]

  • This is a dark, sinister and at times, downright scary read Kate s life has been a succession of terrible events Her parents died in a car accident and her husband Hugo was killed five years ago Kate is convinced that she is cursed and will do anything possible to ensure that she and her son Jack are safe Kate and Jack move from London to Oxford, to be near to Hugo s parents and sister Kate is completely obsessed with statistics, she can t make any decisions without thinking about the numbers th [...]

  • Three and a half stars Now bumped up to four stars as weeks on I can t stop thinking about it and wishing I was enjoying my current book as much I m new to the Thriller genre and just can t seem to put these books down at the moment This is now my fourth in a row and I keep telling myself I ll have a break and read something different, something magical like The Night Circus, but it is just not happening This is also my third Louise Millar novel all of which are thrillers and I would probably ra [...]

  • Under a dark cloud jinxed cursed unlucky We have all heard these expressions, may have even experienced one or two along the way Kate Parker has been living or afraid of living for many years Her parents died in a car accident on the day of her wedding A few years later, her husband was murdered by a home invasion gang Her house has been broken into twice She feels like she s losing her mind and what s worse, she s making a nervous wreck of her young son.There is so much to this story The author [...]

  • I picked up Louise Millar s Accident s Happen audiobook for something a little different.This fictional thriller is set in London and follows the life of Kate, who believes she is cursed due to a series of tragic events throughout her life.On the night of her wedding, Kate s parents are killed in a car accident not long afterwards, Kate s newlywed husband Hugo is murdered in their own home These horrible events have left Kate and her son Jack, frightened, untrusting extremely anxious Kate strugg [...]

  • Well THAT was unexpected I grabbed this book at the library on a whim It had some mixed reviews so I was expecting an average read, but I m learning lately that others reviews don t always line up with books I like and those I don t.The book early on injects a touch of mystery and strange events alongside a nicely paced storyline I didn t start to guess what was happening for quite some time, it got better Whilst some of the events that occur along the way seemA tad unrealistic it didn t matter [...]

  • 3.5 stars In Accidents Happen we meet Kate A widowed single mother to Jack Kate doesn t think like the rest of her family Everything is a number and translates into the odds of something bad happening to her or her son Skin cancer, car accident, kidnapping You can t really blame the woman Her husband was brutally killed and her parents died on her wedding night But even now five years after the death of her husband Kate is paranoid Odd noises, smells, things being moved and food taken from the f [...]

  • Accidents Happen is a bone chilling look at what can happen when phobias not only take over your life, but also what happens when they cause those around you to dismiss valid concerns Louise Millar has written a book that deals with an overwhelming obsession with statistics based on valid reasoning.Read the rest of my review at The Lost Entwife

  • This book really held my interest and was a good easy read, nothing too dark I probably would have rated it higher if not for the way Millar wrote the ending It would have been impossible for events to have occurred in the setting in which they did without people noticing I know I m nitpicking it is fiction after all Overall I did enjoy this book and plan to read The Hidden Girl.

  • Accidents Happen doesn t deliver on many levels, but it has its moments The author s writing style and attention to detail really shows potential for future books, and although this one wasn t the most original, its vibrant imagery was worth it.

  • A wonderful second novel from Louise Millar Beautifully written with engaging characters, an original concept and a killer twist The last 100 pages are incredibly fast moving and exciting Highly recommended.

  • A fast paced psychological thriller with myriad twists and palpable tension that kept me guessing until the last page A very believable cast of characters An original, nail biting tale.

  • I usually can see a plot twist from a mile away but this one surprised me Quick, easy read I d recommend to anyone enjoys suspense and or mysteries.

  • STRESS That is the first word that occurs to me about this book The second and third words are discomfort and unease I have a quirk probably than one I enjoy finding an author I haven t read before and then reading his her books in order of publication But I actually read Millar s ACCIDENTS HAPPEN before realizing this novel followed her first psychological thriller, THE PLAYDATE Now that I ve sorted out and bored you with my reading style, I will return to my review of this book Kate Parker, m [...]

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