Kat Fight

Kat Fight Best Read || [Dina Silver] - Kat Fight, Kat Fight The seriously funny fabulously flawed Kat Porter has arrived and she may just steal your heart not to mention your boyfriend Readers everywhere will revel in this sharp witted well meaning whirlwin Kat Fight Best Read || [Dina Silver] - Kat Fight, Kat Fight The seriously funny fabulously flawed Kat Porter has arrived and she may just steal your heart not to mention your boyfriend Readers everywhere will revel in this sharp witted well meaning whirlwin

  • Title: Kat Fight
  • Author: Dina Silver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Kat Fight

Kat Fight Best Read || [Dina Silver], Kat Fight, Dina Silver, Kat Fight The seriously funny fabulously flawed Kat Porter has arrived and she may just steal your heart not to mention your boyfriend Readers everywhere will revel in this sharp witted well meaning whirlwind in author Dina Silver s hilarious new novel Kat Fight In her quest for love Kat makes every wrong turn juggling two men one best friend and her own deeply confused heThe seriously fun Kat Fight Best Read || [Dina Silver] - Kat Fight, Kat Fight The seriously funny fabulously flawed Kat Porter has arrived and she may just steal your heart not to mention your boyfriend Readers everywhere will revel in this sharp witted well meaning whirlwin

  • Kat Fight Best Read || [Dina Silver]
    180 Dina Silver
Kat Fight

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    Dina Silver is an author, a wine lover, and an excellent parallel parker She lives with her husband, son, and twenty pound tabby cat in suburban Chicago She d prefer to live somewhere where it s warm year round, but she s also a licensed real estate agent in Illinois, and she loathes the thought of having to take the broker exam again in another state Dina is the author of five other novels, including One Pink Line, Kat Fight, Finding Bliss, The Unimaginable, and Whisper if You Need Me To find out about Dina and her books, visit dinasilver.About books I reviewI am an author, so I appreciate the value of a 5 star review I know that those stars mean to an author, than they do to me as the reviewer who s doling them out That being said, if I like a book at all, chances are I m going to give it 5 stars However, in the detailed description of my review is where I will attempt to explain what I actually thought of the book, so people can get a better idea of exactly how much I liked or loved it.If I did not enjoy a book, or was unable to finish it, I simply will not review it I have no interest in bashing anyone else s hard work.

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  • I m so thrilled to present Kat Fight This book is really close to my heart, because it s loosely based on how I met my husband, and has taken me close to three years to get it right My goal with Kat Fight was pure, classic, romantic comedy fun I hope everyone finds it as entertaining and enjoyable aswell, as my husband does And yes, you can bet that any book I ve read in excess of 25 times gets an automatic 5 stars from me.Enjoy the fight

  • Suggested Improvements to Kat Fight1 Change location from Advertising Agency to Nuclear Submarine2 Change Heroine from Office Worker to Russian Spy in tight jumpsuit3 Change Hero from Copyrighter to WerewolfThis book is really aimed at women from their early to mid 20st a 40 man I think there are some good things in this book but the characters were a universe away from me and I just couldn t bridge that generational gap

  • This review was posted at Angie s Dreamy Reads 4 KATTASTIC STARS Kat Fight is the perfect light hearted romance It s a combination of light angst with witty humor that makes you smile for days Dina Silvers books are some of my favorites because she has a way of creating something that s cute and funny but at the same time heartfelt I loved it Kat is HILARIOUS I swear reading this was like sitting at home watching a Kate Hudson chick flick and just enjoying the ride It s a great book to read if y [...]

  • Kat s boyfriend of four years has been avoiding her Busy at work, cancelling their dates, not showing up After all the time they ve spent together, Kat s thinking about marriage Marc s obviously not So, Kat decides to show him he should appreciate what he has She thinks they should either go back to how things were at the beginning, or break up After another no show, and a not so pleasant phone conversation, she breaks up with him That should teach him,right But, Marc seems just fine with that N [...]

  • Kat s tired of the waiting game, of the empty promises Marc has done it again No phone call and no show When she tells him to lose her number and she never wants to see him again, I m thinking, Go girl So now she s alone, checking her phone constantly to see if Marc has called He hasn t She really needs to move on Or so her friends tell her.At least they are supportive and do their best to console her.When a new man enters her life, the troubles begin Her best friend, Julie, had first dibs, but [...]

  • Kat Fight had me hooked from page 1 It starts off with a fight between Kat and her ever disappointing boyfriend, Marc After mutually kind of deciding to call it quits with Marc, her BFF decides to set her up on a blind date Well, that didn t go as expected since Kat quickly found herself making googly eyes at her BFF Julie s love interest rather than her own.Now Kat finds herself in a dilemma should she tell her extremely opinionated, self absorbed BFF that she has feelings for her date, The Che [...]

  • I bought this book after finally meeting Dina Silver in person at Tarryn Fisher s Write or Die Author Retreat I have read books by her before but never this one When she said this was loosely based on her meeting her husband I was sold This was a cute, fun, lighthearted romance that was a quick read because it was so fun I couldn t put it down I love Kat s wit and humor and watching her find her way to her happy I am going to read One Pink Line next as that was another book she mentioned at the [...]

  • 4 Adorable StarsKat Fight is an adorable, light read, it s the good in between bookI ll be honest, I like my steam, but reading Kat Fight reminded me what kind of books I read before all the New Adult stuff It s cute, it s fun and there really isn t too much fuss nor mess.So, Kat has been in a relationship with her long standing boyfriend Marc for 4 years After being stood up for the millionth time, she calls Marc out on it He doesn t seem very guilty and Kat breaks up with him, because she know [...]

  • Dina Silver is currently on tour with CLP Blog Tours and Kat Fight I absolutely loved Dina s debut, One Pink Line, and have been eagerly awaiting her sopho novel I was not disappointed in the slightest with Kat Fight Dina once again brings her powerful writing skills, likeable and relatable characters, and a tender story line that makes this novel land on my Favorites List.The story opens with Kat fighting once again with her long term boyfriend, Marc She hasn t been feeling the love lately in t [...]

  • Kat Fight is a refreshing read Lord knows I spend all my extra time reading but when I find a book that makes me laugh so hard my ribs hurt I just have to tell the world This is one of those books that made me laugh and yell at it all the same I love those kinds of stories where you know something is going to happen but you are not quite sure what is going to happen so you keep reading until you get to it and then your like oh man is this right Kat Porter is such an awesome character to read abo [...]

  • I cannot tell you how much I LOVED this book Besides the fact that is so well written, I love that Kat worked at an ad agency in Chicago my former profession and I love that is loosely based on how she met her husband My favorite character in the book is Adam, Kat s gay best friend His character made me laugh out loud and for any woman who has ever had a gay boyfriend, you will totally be able to relate and for those of you who haven t, it will make you run out and get yourself one The character [...]

  • Dina Silver s book, Kat Fight, is a fantastic novel and the perfect announcement that she is here to stay in the world of chick lit writers Kat has a problem She is juggling two men in her life out of fear of letting one go More problematic is the fact Kat s best friend has her eye on one of these men as well I feel a disturbance in the girlfriend code going on here, don t you Sharp writing, brilliantly crafted characters it s a winner You will devour Kat Fight, and love it from beginning to end [...]

  • This book was so addicting, I flew right through it Now I m sad it s over You can easily relate with the main character All the characters in the book are well developed and have great personalities This is a fun, light hearted, romance comedy chick lit book I can t wait to read books by this author

  • I really liked this bookIts perfect if you re just coming off a angsty book altho some of Kat s decisions and actions are cringe worthyBut there were laugh out load moments smart, witty banter spoken and via text email which is always a treat

  • A hopeless romantic searching for Mr Right a neglectful boyfriend an ultimatum a longtime BFF a double date and a crush on the BFF s love interest when you put all these variables together, what do get one hot mess Kat Porter is the consummate romantic, she believes in marriage and is looking for Mr Right Prince Charming who will sweep her off her feet and give her the happily ever after ending she s dreamed of She has been in a relationship with Marc Nolan, her college sweetheart for four years [...]

  • Dina Silver s, Kat Fight, is a hilarious chick lit novel that left me wanting After reading and loving Silver s first book, One Pink Line review found HERE, I had high hopes for Kat Fight Let me tell you that Silver did NOT disappoint As soon as I started reading Silver s Kat Fight I was sucked into the story and quickly found myself escaping reality Kat Fight is about Kat, a young adult that hates to be referred to as cute For years she has looked forward to her happily ever after with her col [...]

  • Rated 4.5 StarOriginally reviewed at Novel Escapes I loved this novel It was fun, funny, and such a joy to read I laughed out loud multiple times and whipped through this novel quickly Kat Fight is fabulous chick lit with wonderful characters to root for and a romantic, humorous plot Kat is a wonderful character She s warm, funny and very likeable But she s also very confused Who hasn t been in her shoes, dumped, confused and unsure of what to do, wavering with decisions, wanting to move forward [...]

  • See this review Insightful Minds ReviewsI was actually quite fond of this story I love the fact that the events and things that happened in this book were so RELATABLE I love nothing than a story where you can be like, OMGosh This could actually happen to someone It makes reading it that much special I know we all love getting lost in imagination land, but sometimes it s refreshing to know that the stories you are reading may have actually happened or COULD happen to someone Kat is like most [...]

  • Kat Fight is the perfect I Need To Get Away read It s easy to get into and constantly funny and romantic.I found the main character, Kat, easy to like She wasn t trying too hard to be funny, find a boyfriend or husband , please people She felt very natural Her relationship with her gay friend, Adam was by far the coolest aspect of the novel Let me say, I wish I had a friend this awesome He was always saying the wittiest remarks, yet he didn t run when things got tough and Kat needed him Best Fri [...]

  • This was such a beautiful and charming story The fact that this book is based on the true events of how Dina s met her husband just makes it that much heartwarming It was such a fun read and I loved the writing Kat is ready for the next step in her relationship with Marc but he doesn t seem to noticed After one missed date too many Kat decides it s time to make a bold move and call it quits Maybe then he will see the error of all his choices but fate has another thing in store for her.Going out [...]

  • Kat Kat Kat Oh boy this is a great and fabulously hilarious book I mean really, the plot just had so much going for it Poor Kat is always struggling with some kind of drama in her life, and it s horrible to say, but I just had to laugh AND enjoy the fact that her drama is not in my life Which made this book even enjoyable.The choices Kat makes are entirely believable She wants the best for her friends and for herself, but these choices get her into a bunch of trouble It s the trouble that makes [...]

  • Kat is a 26 year old woman who has just given her boyfriend, Marc Nolan, of four years the boot She basically tells him if he can t get his act together then he should lose her number and he does just that In the midst of it all, she is set up on a date by her best friend, Julie, with a guy named Pete Not only does the date end horrifically, but Kat finds out that she has the hots for Ryan, Julie s love interest just when she thinks that things couldn t get any hectic, they become very hectic I [...]

  • Reviewed at mandikayereads archive 8 5 12 I love it when I read a self published book that I adore Kat Fight by Dina Silver is most definitely one of these While I have managed to be way unlucky in love than Kat, I see myself in her She has a great sense of humor and has quite the tendency to make mountains out of mole hills Yes, I really do that too.As Kat s relationship with Ryan progressed, I found myself grinning with this ginormous goofy grin just because it was so dang cute My heart would [...]

  • Ok, I am going to start by saying that Dina has now earned herself a spot in my FAVORITE AUTHORS list see favorite author links on the side of my blog I was beyond excited about Dina s debut novel One Pink Line, so I had big expectations for Kat Fight I am so pleased to report that Dina has outdone herself with her second novel Kat Fight I thought that the story was tight, funny and inspiring She discusses friendships and the precarious situations people find themselves in while pursuing love Sh [...]

  • Dina Silver does it again Kat Fight seriously tickles your funny bone Kat Porter always dreamed of being a bride The problem is her dreams end up without a suitable groom When her longtime off and on again boyfriend tells her to cool it, she feels like she d just flushed five years of marriage investment down the toilet Her biological clock is ticking, her confidence is shattered, and she s tired of watching 27 Dresses for the 27th time okay, maybe I made this up.A double date with a porno blogg [...]

  • When Kats long time boyfriend, Marc, starts taking her for granted, Kat tells him to lose her number He replies fine Not quite the way Kat hoped the conversation would go After a couple months Kat starts to move on with a new boyfriend, Ryan Marc tarts coming around asking for another chance, swearing he has changes his ways This leads to an interesting love triangle.I requested this book from Dina Silver and am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to read it It was quick, easy, and had m [...]

  • Kat Fight should not have taken me two days to finish It is a short book but what put me off was a number of things1 The girl goes after her best friend s crush without her knowledge Not cool.2 The girl has an ex boyfriend who wants her back and we don t know why he wants that besides the writer s say so or not say.3 The love interest is just there He does not appear that much that I forget he s supposed to be the love interest And when he does, he s a paper character What you see is what you ge [...]

  • Kat fight is a super funny book about this cute character named Kat who is working as an Ad exec and having lots of fun with her girlfriends and her gay best friend Adam Kat is a romantic and really wants to be married but her boyfriend Marc is not ready for commitment Kat breaks up with Marc and decides to give her heart a break, but her best friend Julie has other plans and decides to help Kat date again Kat goes on a blind date and meets and quickly falls in love with Ryan and finds herself t [...]

  • Cute story about Kat who breaks up with her long time boyfriend Mark hoping he will see what he lost Mark and Kat have been dating for 4 years She decides to take a stand hoping that Mark will realize that he has taken her for granted and take the relationship to the next level After not hearing from Mark since their parting, Kat takes steps to move on with her life The story had some very funny moments as well as some painful moments for Kat I enjoyed it However, I was disappointed with the aud [...]

  • I had previously read and loved Dina Silver s debut novel One Pink Line so I was excited to dive into Kat Fight As much as I enjoyed OPL I enjoyed Kat Fight even I loved the main character, Kat s, turmoil over giving her long term boyfriend an ultimatum and the shock she felt when he actually called her bluff on it Add to the mix developing feelings for one of her best friend s love interest and secondary characters who are charming and funny as well as hold their own with their own story lines [...]

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