The Roots of the Olive Tree

Unlimited The Roots of the Olive Tree - by Courtney Miller Santo - The Roots of the Olive Tree, The Roots of the Olive Tree Set in a house on an olive grove in northern California The Roots of the Olive Tree is a beautiful touching story that brings to life five generations of women including an unforgettable year ol Unlimited The Roots of the Olive Tree - by Courtney Miller Santo - The Roots of the Olive Tree, The Roots of the Olive Tree Set in a house on an olive grove in northern California The Roots of the Olive Tree is a beautiful touching story that brings to life five generations of women including an unforgettable year ol

  • Title: The Roots of the Olive Tree
  • Author: Courtney Miller Santo
  • ISBN: 9780062130518
  • Page: 294
  • Format: Hardcover
The Roots of the Olive Tree

Unlimited The Roots of the Olive Tree - by Courtney Miller Santo, The Roots of the Olive Tree, Courtney Miller Santo, The Roots of the Olive Tree Set in a house on an olive grove in northern California The Roots of the Olive Tree is a beautiful touching story that brings to life five generations of women including an unforgettable year old matriarch determined to break all Guinness longevity records the secrets and lies that divide them and the love that ultimately ties them together Unlimited The Roots of the Olive Tree - by Courtney Miller Santo - The Roots of the Olive Tree, The Roots of the Olive Tree Set in a house on an olive grove in northern California The Roots of the Olive Tree is a beautiful touching story that brings to life five generations of women including an unforgettable year ol

  • Unlimited The Roots of the Olive Tree - by Courtney Miller Santo
    294Courtney Miller Santo
The Roots of the Olive Tree

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  • Courtney Miller Santo

    Courtney Miller Santo teaches creative writing at the University of Memphis, where she received her MFA She has a BA in journalism from Washington and Lee University and although born and raised in Portland, Oregon, she s spent most of her adult life in the South Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in the Los Angeles Review, Irreantum, Sunstone and Segullah Her debut novel THE ROOTS OF THE OLIVE TREE will be published this year by William Morrow For information please visit courtneysanto.

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  • The description of the book a story surrounding five living generations of women appealed on that very women s fiction level The synopsis hinted at hidden secrets along with this very interesting family dynamic that brings all five of these women back under the same Californian roof Santo broke her narrative into five sections one section for each generation s P.O.V plus a bonus epilogue from the perspective of the sixth generation Unfortunately, the secrets revealed came surprisingly early in t [...]

  • I really hate to be someone who puts out a negative review of a book especially one that is an author s debut novel I was so disappointed in this book I am from Northern California and was excited to see a book about this region, then that it was multi generational and about women made it even intriguing so I was happy to sign up for an ARC I feel like the editors let this author down because somehow this book seemed unfinished Too many characters, too many secrets and too many gaps left open m [...]

  • Roots of The Olive Tree by Courtney Miller SantoI was first attracted to this book because of the name, olive tree in the title Coming from a family of nurserymen this would be right up my alley.Love the proverbs and how they are useful to the olive pickers.This is a story about 5 generations of women and there is a geneticist coming to find out why they live so long He hopes to find out all their secrets.Love hearing about the olive trees, nursery grafting and why their products are so useful.P [...]

  • This started with a good premise but I felt the author was lacking character development I have problems with books that have unlikeable characters However, I have a unusual and some might say twisted sense of what is likeable and can find some horrific characters terribly likeable When they are dully drawn is when I have the problem.Enter five generations of one family who live in Kidiron, California a fictionalized version of Corning, for those of you familiar with that particular stretch of I [...]

  • This book had too much going on I liked the descriptions of the orchids and Anna s story But the book just seemed to be about too many issues stories characters without fully exploring any of them I thought the book was going to be realistic fiction dealing with family relationships and aging, but suddenly there was a family member in prison for murder, another who was a victim of an improbable accident, secrets of paternity, a woman hoping to become the oldest living person, an unplanned pregna [...]

  • La narraci n de la autora no es tan ligera, se requiere un poco de atenci n para no perder el hilo, tanto de los sucesos como de los parentescos, puedo decir que me entretuvo, pero no ha sido m s de lo que ya esperaba cuando comenc a leerlo.Los personajes en general me exasperaron, todas se criticaban, peleaban, pero en realidad eran iguales en car cter en reacciones iracundas, sobre todo , me entraban ganas de darles un par de bofetadas a cada una.

  • Olives, Olive Oil, longevity.unds like it could be true to me The Keller women had worked in the olive orchards for generations, and Anna, who was 112, claimed the longevity was because of the family s love of the olivesis book is filled with generations of women and family life What a magnificent book with a powerful, thoughtful ending A lot of life s lessons were taught under and in the olive trees Anna told her great, great grandchild, Erin, that roots are important whether they belonged to a [...]

  • 5 6 generations of females living on olive farm in California present day setting Early pages, but good read Liked it Wanted to love it, but just didn t feel it 5 generations of first born females in one olive plantation Other than their inclusive past and present, there wasn t a great deal there Anna is the oldest and wants to be the oldest living person Her daughter Bets story deals mostly with her husband Frank who has dementia or something along those lines and is in a home and has a male lo [...]

  • The Roots of the Olive Tree concerns a family of women who have extrordinarily long lives The first woman of the still living Kellers in California is Anna whose father brought the first olive trees from Australia to the United States Her daughter Bets short for Elizabeth the author has conveniently used the letters of the alphabet to keep track of the characters and their ages has lived to see her daughter Callie, her grand daughter Deb, and her great grand daughter Erin grow up and have career [...]

  • I would give this book 2 1 2 stars if that were an option I have an Advance Reader s Edition from Harper Collins The book centers around five generations of women who live together None of these women seem to age, so a scientist comes to investigate why His visit is the catalyst for revealing the stories of the five Keller women The book is divided into five sections each woman is given a chance to share her thoughts and secrets Unfortunately, I could not really relate to any of the characters A [...]

  • The Roots of the Olive Tree is set in a small town in Sacramento Valley, California where a family lives on their olive farm This book is about five generations of women who are predicted to have a long life Normally it doesn t take me long to connect with the story or characters but with this I had major difficulties I actually picked this book because the plot intrigued me but,I couldn t grow to like any of the character They all seem to plastic or unemotional to me Is it my prejudice towards [...]

  • This title was a miss for me I keep giving women s fiction a try but all too frequently I find the stories to be somewhat bland.In The roots of the olive tree we have a character study of several generations of long lived women The story ostensibly concerns a researcher studying the women to determine why they are superagers and in his pursuit of the scientific evidence secrets are revealed For me each of the individual women s stories just were not that interesting nor did I find their secrets [...]

  • Courtney Miller Santo deftly writes the six different perspectives of a family dominated by women who have exceptionally long lives in her novel, The Roots of the Olive Tree The direct speech, rich interiority, and distinctive voice of each character lends to the captivating story of a family led fearlessly by their centenarian matriarch, who is battling to become the oldest documented living person Santo slowly reveals the troubled intricate familial relationships between the five generations o [...]

  • 3.5 It could be that because I have a large family myself, although sons than daughters, I could really relate to this story I most identified with Anna, who was the oldest, she was a crusty, self determined character that attempted to keep the peace between all living in her house I was also intrigued about the anti aging research and enjoyed learning about the olive groves and the transplanting of the trees acing was somewhat slow in the beginning and the constant shifts of focus kept the rea [...]

  • I was intrigued by this story that someone could live as long and stay as healthy as these women do Genetics, I m sure, does play a part as my aunt will be 93 this year She was not an active woman and did smoke at one point in her life So the question is asked Does your environment and life style dictate how long you live I believe that it does except for the occasional person that defies the odds and lives on.I hope I have that gene as well I recommend this book.

  • The Keller women are a strong and hearty bunch Legend has it it s the olive oil Anna s father brought his family and his olive trees over from Brisbane to the New World in 1898 They settled in Kidron where the man built the family home and everyone, Anna included, worked and harvested the crop Today, it is the daughters who still live at the homestead, Anna and the first born of each generation At 112 years old, Anna is active and sharp than most at her age And she says she s darn well going to [...]

  • The Roots of the Olive Tree at the core is a charming generational book, but the details make it fresh and interesting Anna is one hundred and twelve, and she lives with her daughter, her granddaughter and soon to be joined by her great granddaughter We quickly learn that she is a superager that she possesses a gene, which runs through the female line only, that allows the normal affects of aging to pass her by When the story opens, the women are expecting a visit by a geneticist who is certain [...]

  • The Roots of the Olive tree, by Courtney Miller Santos was truly an amazing read This novel centers around the lives of five generations of women, beginning with the eldest who is one hundred and twelve years old, Anna Then there is Bets, Anna s daughter Calliope, Bet s daughter, and Deb, Calliope s daughter The youngest, Erin, is pregnant with a child Courtney Miller Santos takes us to Hill House, an old house in California, where the family has grown olives in the land surrounding the house Dr [...]

  • I knew about telomeres from reading The Immortal life of Henrietta Lacks From reading this book I ve learned that if we can find a way from keeping our telomeres from shortening with each division, we can live for a very long time, providing we avoid accidents Maybe some smart someone will invent a take home kit for telomere testing, like a pregnancy test, so we can predict our own lifespans In this book, five women, descendants of an Australian aborigine women, share a kind genetic mutation Thu [...]

  • Anna Davison Keller wanted to be the oldest person in the world She felt she was owed this distinction, due to the particular care she d taken with the vessel God had given her In her morning prayers, she made a show, in case God himself was watching, of getting out of bed and onto her knees She spoke to God in his language asking for a length of days to be added to the one hundred twelve years she d already lived and pleading for health in her navel and marrow in her bones She didn t say outrig [...]

  • There are those who want to live forever, and those of us who settle for whatever time we re to be given Can you possibly imagine living to be 112 years old I can t fathom it, but Anna Keller certainly proved the test of time in this wonderfully thought provoking novel.The Olive Trees roots go deep for the Keller women starting back in the late 1800s spanning to the year 2017 Five generations of women who have loved, lost and gain a new sense of independence and individuality The Keller women ar [...]

  • I usually love multigenerational stories, but this one wasn t one of the best I ve read Five generations of women live in the same household in an olive grove in Southern California The eldest is 112 year old Anna who immigrated from Australia to the U.S with her parents when she was four Anna is aging remarkably well, as are her 90 year old daughter Elizabeth Betts and 65 year old granddaughter Calliope A scientist from the University of Pittsburgh undertakes a study of the women and their DNA [...]

  • I just turned the last page of this book and I sit her pondering did I enjoy that or did I just tolerate my way through it It s the story of five women, five generations, and the secrets that they have kept The story revolves around what these women have genetically that makes them live longer than anyone else In the search for that answer, they find answers to the questions they have each had about their family A good premise but I didn t feel connected to any of them I couldn t really picture [...]

  • I recieved an Early Reviewer Copy of The Roots of the Olive Tree from Harper Collins.I was interested in hearing about the 5 generations of Keller women, and the longevity of their lives due to the olive orchard they ve lived on and cultivated for as many generations Truth be told, I was almost hoping to learn a few secrets, ha It started a little slow for me, but caught my attention after maybe 50 pages I couldn t wait to hear of he women s stories, and get some answers as to why Deb shot her [...]

  • Liked it, didn t love it as much as I thought I would was a quick, realistic, but imperfect read Attracted to it by not only the cover and subject matter but its location Having travelled Highway 5 to Redding many times over the years, never have I not stopped at the Olive Pit So I was drawn to it by familiarity This book, steeped in secrets, speaks to 5 generations of women who lived in the same house and whose lives were tied in one way or the other to olive trees The novel, an Advance Read fr [...]

  • I won an Advance Reader s Edition from BookReporter in a SneakPeak contest I really enjoyed reading this book The characters were well developed and believeable and the story was very interesting 5 generations of women, 4 of whom were living in the same house Each woman had her own section so the reader became very familiar with her character and story but the whole book was very cohesive The story was interesting DNA and immortality were part of the story The oldest woman, Anna, was 112 and hea [...]

  • Finalmente logr terminarlo Me cost much simo Pero no me gusta dejar los libros sin terminar.El problema con este, al menos para mi, es la narraci n La forma de narrar con tanto detalle y tanta especificidad que no te da nada para pensar a mi no me gusta y me resulta aburrida, que es lo que me pas , me ten a que concentrar para que mi cerebro no divagara y se pierde el placer de la lectura.La historia en si no es lo que yo me esperaba son cinco mujeres de distintas generaciones de la misma famili [...]

  • Can you believe it We ve hit stop 11 on our Summer Passport tour The United States of America The Roots of the Olive Tree is set in a small town in Sacramento Valley, California where a family lives on their olive farm But this is no ordinary family, the Keller family represents 5 generations of first born women the eldest, Anna, being 112 years old Anna, who is determined to become the oldest person in the world, has attracted the attention of a geneticist who believes that the Keller women mig [...]

  • I so enjoyed this debut book It is a story of a family of long lived women Anna is 112 years old and wants to be the oldest living person in the world The sister s own an olive tree farm Anna takes daily walks into the trees to glean the olives This story is about secrets we keep A geneticist comes to learn the secret to their longevity and we learn than what keeps them youngry good story.

  • I fell in love with the characters, and the unraveling of their lives By the end of the book,I felt as if they were my family It was an amazing ride and I loved every minute of it The mixture of science and folklore were beautifully entwined It left me hungry for I recommend this fabulous book to everyone.

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